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This simple chart shows you how to choose the right size TV for your living room

What size TV do you need? This handy chart tells you

Whether you recently moved into a new space or are planning to upgrade your entertainment setup, you may be asking yourself, “What size TV do I need?” It’s tempting to buy the biggest screen you can with the highest resolution. But, if the screen isn’t the right size for your room, it can overpower the space and may cause unnecessary strain on your eyes. Thankfully, this TV size chart from Reddit makes it easy to choose the perfect-sized television for your living room, bedroom, or den. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about TV size, distance, and more.

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Quick tips for finding the right TV size

Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind before tv shopping:

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  • Understand screen size measurements: Screen size is measured diagonally from corner to corner; be sure to check the dimensions when deciding where to place the television set.
  • Bigger isn’t always better: Though nothing compares to a large screen, if the TV is too big, it won’t fit your room.
  • Consider screen resolution: Most TVs nowadays are available in either 1080p, 4K, or 8K resolution. The higher the resolution, the more expensive the TV and the further you can place it from your sofa.
  • Plan in advance: To find the right size television, you’ll first need to decide where you want to place it; then measure the room to find the perfect fit.

Use this TV size chart to create the perfect setup

Thanks to Reddit, purchasing the right size television for your home is easy. The TV size chart posted on the r/coolguides subreddit provides an easy cheat sheet for choosing the best television—no math required. All you need to do is take a few measurements.

How to measure your room

Before you can use this super simple chart, you must first decide where you want to place your television. Then, use a measuring tape to calculate the distance between your future TV set and your couch or primary seating area. Mounting the TV on the wall will create a further distance between your seating and the screen, which will allow your space to accommodate a larger TV.

When measuring the space, note that the distances on the chart are in meters, so you’ll need to take your measurements in meters or convert your measurements from imperial to metric before using the reference guide.

Calculating the right TV size

Now that you know the distance between the couch and the screen, you can refer back to the chart to select the right TV size. Keep in mind that this is just a rough guideline—your room measurements likely won’t be exactly the same as the ones included in the chart. If you want to be as specific as possible and do your own calculations, one commenter noted that the distance was about 1.77x the screen size (in meters).

And of course, your personal preferences matter too. The best screen size depends on what setup is the most comfortable for you.

Choosing a television screen size shouldn’t be a complicated process. And thanks to this handy TV size chart from Reddit, buying the right size television for your living room will be a breeze!

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