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Shannon Cooper

Shannon Cooper

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Shannon Cooper has written about everything from pet care and travel to finance and plumbing in her seven years as a writer. Her work has appeared on The Manual, 21 Oak, ConsumerAffairs, Finance 101, and more. When she's not working, you can find her taking a nap with her cats, rewatching the same six tv shows over again (Bob's Burgers anyone?), wandering in the woods, and trying to teach herself how to draw.

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Earth as seen from outer space

This is what would happen if an asteroid hit Earth

What if the largest asteroid were to crash into the planet? Keep reading to view the video of this impact event and learn more about an asteroid hitting Earth.
Top view of a cup of coffee with a spoon

The type of coffee cup you drink from actually matters

New research suggests the type of coffee cup you use can impact its flavor and aroma. Learn more about this connection and how to choose the right mug.
Various rulers showing centimeters and inches

The metric system is superior to the imperial system (and this chart proves it)

If you've tried to convert measurements, you know how backward the imperial system can be. Learn about the differences between the imperial and metric systems.
White Tesla in front of a lush green mountain range

Study: Tesla drivers are exactly who you think they are

Tesla owners get a lot of hate. According to a new study, at least some of it may be justified. Here’s what they found about Tesla drivers and how they drive.
person writing in notebook with pencil shavings

There’s a name for the weird way you hold a pen

Contrary to what you may have learned in school, there’s more than one right way to hold a pencil. Learn more about these unique pencil grips.
A couple showing each other kindness.

Science says this is the No. 1 trait that makes men attractive to others

What is the essential quality that all attractive men share? Studies show that the most important trait has nothing to do with looks.
man playing Mario in the dark

Super Mario theme played on a Tesla coil is the coolest thing you’ll see today

This viral TikTok shows someone playing the Super Mario theme song with electricity using a Tesla coil. Watch the video, learn how it works, and more. 
pond and mountain in Yosemite Park

It’s finally easy to get into Yosemite National Park (No reservations required)

Yosemite National Park's controversial reservation system is no more. Learn about the program and why you no longer need a reservation (at least for now).
living room with Friends on TV screen

This amazing website lets you find music from just about any show or movie

There's nothing as annoying as hearing a great song in a TV show or movie and not knowing the artist or song title. Learn how to find music with Tunefind.
iceberg melting in the arctic

U.N. chief warns we’re on a ‘highway to climate hell’

At the COP27 climate summit, UN chief Antonio Guterres offered a stark warning for the world. Read more about the latest climate change news.
person holding small alarm clock in hand

This is where daylight savings comes from, and why it’s stupid we still have it

The second Sunday in March marks the beginning of daylight savings. But how did this tradition begin? And why do we still spring forward? Read on to learn more.
Couple at a hotel eating breakfast in bed

This hotel booking site lets you book hotels during the day for… reasons

With HotelsByDay, you can book hotel rooms by the hour to catch up on work, relax, or do whatever else they want to do (wink). Read more about day-use hotels.
stressed out man looking at laptop while at work

Survey: Amid inflation and recession fears, this is what employees really want

Financial insecurity is taking a toll on workers--and new research suggests employers are doing little to help. Learn how financial wellness support can help.
Costco storefront with car parked in front.

You’re going to hate this change to your Costco credit card’s benefits

Bad news for Costco fans: one of the best perks of the Costco credit card will soon be going away. Learn which benefit is changing and what to do instead.
dramatic city skyline with an orange sky

Video: Carl Sagan predicted our current dystopia back in 1990

People have been raising alarms about climate change for decades. One of the most clear-sighted views comes from a decades-old speech by Carl Sagan.
Stock exchange board

Video: Vanguard’s Jack Bogle on how to invest (and earn) in ‘interesting’ times

With the looming threat of a recession, many are wondering how to protect themselves financially. Check out Jack Bogle’s investment advice for times like these.
three spotted cows standing in a grassy field

This chart shows dairy milk has a massive impact on the environment

Dairy farming is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. But are other types of milk really better for the environment? Read to learn more.
Man with arms in the air on the shore with a shark in the water

Watch this funny Air Force video that says screaming at sharks scares them away

Have you ever wondered what to do during a shark attack? This old Air Force training video has some pretty wild suggestions for that exact scenario.
City street scene made with LEGOs

A new study says investing in LEGOs is better than gold

Traditional wisdom may tell you to invest your money in gold or art. But, according to a new study, there’s a much more lucrative investment available: LEGOs.
Frontier airplane at an airport.

Frontier is so desperate for pilots it’s taking people with no experience at all

Following a terrible summer for air travel, airlines are getting creative to combat labor shortages. Learn about Frontier Airlines' new pilot training program.
person choosing a peach from the produce section

One grocery store stopped printing use-by dates on produce, and it’s genius

Food waste is a huge problem, both financially and environmentally. One grocery store is getting creative to combat this issue. Read on to learn more.
modern living room with tv on a stand

This simple chart shows you how to choose the right size TV for your living room

Choosing the right TV doesn't have to be a challenge--especially with this handy TV size chart from Reddit. Read more about finding the best TV for your space.
Netflix logo on TV with red backlighting

Netflix is about to mess with (almost) everyone’s account access, billing

Next year, Netflix will charge an extra fee for password sharing. Learn more about this change and what it means for all of the password thieves out there.
Wordle game on smartphone

This site lets you cheat (and win) at Wordle

Need some help solving today's Wordle puzzle? Check out these easy ways to cheat at the Wordle game and protect your winning streak.
Person looking at Twitter on phone

Elon Musk exposed his plans for Twitter in text messages

The text conversations revealed in Musk v. Twitter have offered insight into Elon Musk's life and plans for the platform. Check out some of the highlights here.
Woman at climate change protest with sign that says time is running out

New climate report warns of ‘uncharted territory of destruction’

A new report on recent climate change news offers a bleak outlook for the planet. Learn about the most shocking findings and what they mean for the future.
Man drinking coffee outside.

The reason experts think we’ll soon be ditching our favorite coffee shops

The way we drink coffee is about to change. Learn why experts believe we'll soon be skipping coffee shops and brewing our morning joe at home.
Woman looking at Airbnb on a laptop

Reddit says it’s time to cancel Airbnb — and there are some good reasons why

After a viral post about Airbnb, people are sharing their complaints about the platform. Discover the most common reasons travelers are going back to hotels.
Man golfing at a club.

How did country clubs get their name? The origin story you likely don’t know

Where did country clubs first begin? And how did they get their name? Read to learn about the interesting (and occasionally shameful) history of country clubs.
Middle class family cooking together

Are you actually middle class? Here are the median household incomes for each state

Many consider themselves middle class, but the reality may be surprising. Discover the median income in each state and see which class you're really in.
why job applications suck african man browsing work opportunities online using search computer

This chart perfectly encapsulates why the job search process sucks

Everyone knows the online job application process can be frustrating. This comedic chart perfectly explains why it sucks so much.
NC State college football stadium

Video: This dog has the absolute best job in sports

There’s a new sweetheart in the sports world, and his name is Ripken. The pup has gained popularity on social media as a bat dog and a tee retriever.