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This site lets you cheat (and win) at Wordle

Impress your friends with your skill with this Wordle helper (they'll never know)

Even after its viral rise to popularity, the Wordle game still has thousands of daily players. But just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Sometimes, you need a little bit of a hint to find the right word. Keep reading to learn how to guess the right word every day—with a little bit of help.

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Is Wordle getting harder?

After the Wordle game was purchased by the New York Times earlier this year, many daily players of the game were asking this question. But did the newspaper actually make the game more difficult? In short, no. In fact, the only change they made was removing words that were too obscure, actually making the game a little easier.

But just because they haven’t changed the game doesn’t mean every puzzle is easy. With unfamiliar words, infrequently used letters (looking at you ‘x’), and the dreaded double letters, it can still be a challenge to play Wordle. And while that challenge is part of the fun, sometimes it can be more frustrating than anything else.

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Wordle hints to help you low-key cheat

So, what can you do when you’re totally stumped? Consider using a Wordle helper for an extra boost. One of our favorite sites for Wordle hints is Unscrambled Words. This tool can help you make sense of the letters you’ve already tried and give you a few new ideas, too.

With the Wordle solver function, you can enter in your correctly placed, correctly guessed, and incorrectly guessed letters. Using that information, the website synthesizes 5-letter word options that you can use to guess the right answer.

For real Wordle cheats

But what about those really tough puzzles when you only have a few guesses left, and you don’t want to ruin your win streak? What should you do? Now is not the time to worry about frivolous matters like “honesty” or “integrity”—now is the time to cheat. There are a few ways to quickly find the solution.

  • By far the easiest way to cheat is by looking up the answer on your favorite search engine.
  • If you need a few extra guesses to find the solution, try playing the game in incognito mode first. Think of it as a practice mode. Your incognito browser won’t track your guesses, so you can try out a few different words before moving to your “real guesses” to your regular browser.
  • For those who actually want to hack the system, you can view the answers for today, tomorrow, or next year by viewing the source code of the Wordle game. On the Wordle homepage, right-click and select “inspect” from the menu to pull up the JavaScript. Click on the Sources tab and enter today’s answer in the search bar. This will pull up a few code snippets; select the one with ‘/games/wordle/main’ in the address to open the debugger window. Search again for today’s answer and it will take you to the word list where you can find all the answers for past and upcoming games.

There’s no shame in needing a little (or a lot of) extra help now and then. Using a Wordle cheat can help you protect your stats and save face with your friends and family. So, next time you’re struggling to guess the right word, try Unscrambled Words or one of the other methods mentioned above. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.)

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