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This amazing website lets you find music from just about any show or movie

Tunefind puts some stellar playlists at your fingertips

Music choice can make or break any movie or TV episode. But when you hear a song you love or recognize but don’t know the name of, it can totally take you out of the story. Instead of paying attention to the plot, you’re frantically trying to open Shazam before the song ends or find music by lyrics on Google. If this sounds familiar, we have the perfect tool for you: Tunefind. This website lets you easily search for songs from almost any movie or show. Read on to learn more about Tunefind and how to find music from your favorite TV show or movie easily.

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What is Tunefind?

Tunefind is a massive online database of music used in TV shows, movies, and video games. The library is massive, covering thousands of new releases and old favorites. Users can search for a specific show/movie or browse the latest episodes and movies on the homepage. If you make an account, you can also set up alerts for your favorite shows or movies to receive updates on the latest episodes or changes to the tracklist.

For television series, the listings are broken down by season and episode. Some listings even include scene descriptions that explain what was happening in the show while the song was playing. This makes it even easier to find the name and artist of the track you’re looking for.

Song listings are submitted by Music Supervisors (the professionals who select music used in media) or users like you. The site uses a voting system to prioritize accuracy. Users can vote on whether the listed song (or version of it) is correct. Once enough users vote, the song is confirmed with a green checkmark; if it’s incorrect, the track is removed from the song list.

The website is also updated regularly. For television programs that are currently on the air, new episodes with complete track lists are posted within minutes of the end of the episode.

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Name that tune

Using Tunefind is simple. Use the search bar at the top of the site to look up a TV show, movie, or artist. The website has listings for media across all genres, including reality shows and late-night talk shows. For recently released movies and episodes, you can browse the homepage. Or, for shows that haven’t aired yet, you can check the on-site TV schedule and create an account to set up alerts for new song listings.

Once you’ve found the song you’re looking for, you can choose to listen to it on a variety of popular music streaming platforms, including Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Users can also discover new music by checking out Tunefind’s Trending Music page, which lists the top ten most popular songs of the week.

You can find music by sound with Shazam or look up lyrics online. But why put in all the effort when someone else has already done it for you? Never again will you be plagued by the agony of trying to remember that one song you heard on that show the other night. With Tunefind, all you need is the name of the movie or TV show you’re watching. In minutes, you’ll have the name of the song, the artist who sings it, and every other song used in the series or movie. Isn’t that so much easier?

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