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This hotel booking site lets you book hotels during the day for… reasons

These days, daily-use hotels have more than one purpose

When you’re out in the city, privacy can be hard to find. While coffee shops and public parks can be nice for killing a few hours on your own, they lack the privacy and amenities that you may be looking for. Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could check into a hotel for a few hours? Well, now you can! With HotelsByDay, travelers can book hotel rooms by the hour to catch up on work, relax, or do whatever else they want to do (wink). Read on to learn more about day-use hotels and how you can book one for your next spontaneous Netflix and chill sesh.

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A new way to unwind

We know what you’re thinking: Renting rooms by the hour has certain connotations, but these days, there’s more than one explanation for a daily-use hotel charge. HotelsByDay is a unique service that allows travelers to book day-use hotels to take advantage of the property’s unused spaces and amenities. No matter if you’re looking for somewhere to work or unwind, this service has you covered. You can rent out workspaces, buy pool passes, or book daily use hotel rooms for an afternoon nap or quick getaway with your significant other. Travelers can also choose between hourly stays, early check-ins, and late check-outs, all while enjoying a discount of up to 75% off overnight stays.

Fans of the TV show Shark Tank may recognize the company HotelsByDay from an old episode that aired way back in 2017. While the company failed to secure a deal on the show, it has gone on to become a thriving international business. Today, the business has partnered with hotels across the world to offer discounted day rates for rooms and other hotel amenities.

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How it works

Using the HotelsByDay app is very easy. To start, select your destination and the date. Then, choose the type of booking you’d like to make and the time window. And that’s it. You can bring your booking confirmation and photo ID to the check-in desk, and in no time, you’ll be working, relaxing, or doing whatever else you please in your rented room.

You can book day-use hotels in major cities across the globe. Some of the most popular US destinations include New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, Miami, and more. There are also rooms available internationally in countries like Canada, Brazil, France, India, Mexico, Australia, Egypt, and beyond.
The service also offers various types of spaces to suit a range of needs. Below, we’ll break down the types of daily-use hotel rentals, what they’re good for, and their average cost.

  • Dayroom: relaxation and leisure; $80
  • Work Room: deep focus and work; $80
  • Meeting Room: team projects and group work; $300
  • Event Space: large work or leisure events; $900
  • Coworking Desk: remote working; $30
  • Parking Pass: affordable parking; $20
  • Pool Pass: relaxation, swimming, and getting a tan; $25
  • Cabana: outdoor leisure and relaxation; $350
  • Spa Pass: health and wellness; $50
  • Fitness Pass: health and fitness; $20

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to work, a way to cool off on a hot summer day, or a comfy bed for an afternoon getaway (to take a nap…of course), day-use hotels can be the perfect solution. Services like HotelsByDay let travelers book super short-term use of hotel amenities like rooms, workspaces, pools, and parking spots for much cheaper than overnight bookings. Download the app today so you’re ready for the next time you’re out in the city and need a place to rest, recharge, focus, or just have fun.

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