Be A Gentleman: Drink Gentlemanly Wine

Gentleman's collection
Sometimes when you’re out, a beer or a cheap shot won’t cut it. You’ve got to class it up a little, you’ve got to look like more than just a bearded, flannel-wearing mongrel. Maybe it’s the significant other’s parents or maybe your boss has invited you to a dinner that will not so subtly determine whether or not you’re getting a raise next quarter. For whatever reason, sometimes wine is the only answer. But what if you’ve never had wine that’s hasn’t come out of a box? What if you’re only conception of wine is that it’s sweet, pink, and consumed by college girls? Don’t worry. Lindeman’s is here to help

As the story goes, in 1842 Dr. Henry Lindeman set out to find a way to civilize the hard liquor community. What he brought to the stage were wines that are forthright and fruit forward in their flavor while retaining an air of class.

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There are currently two expressions in the Gentleman’s Collection, a 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2014 Red Blend (a blend of Petite Syrah, Zinfandel, and Merlot), both of which are sourced from emerging appellations in California.

The Cab is a beautiful bright red and full of dark fruit flavors. There’s also a wonderful light cocoa nose to complement the flavors, which comes back again (more forcefully, this time) on the finish. The Red Blend is, in many ways, like the Cab. There is a rich berry flavor, which is enhanced by a sweet, smoky bourbon char nose. Darker in color and fuller in the mouth, the nose again comes back around, providing a bourbon and oak finish.

The Gentleman’s Collection is just that, wines meant for gentlemen. The wines, crafted by Winemaker Gareth Young, are meant not only to stimulate the palate, but also to remind those that drink that a little refinement can go a long way. Do you really want to be grouped with the 26-percent of guys who think breaking up via text message is okay when 87-percent of women are (rightly) not okay with it? No, you don’t, because that’s called being a jerk (or worse).

Both wines are on sale for $16.99.

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