2017 Cocktail Trends You Need to Know

2017 cocktail trends
Being ahead of the curve is great.

Who doesn’t want to be the one that everyone comes to for advice on fashion or food or, in our case, drinks? Knowing what’s coming—or at the very least what’s likely to be coming—offers you a position of power that, for as long as you know before everyone else, makes you feel a little like a god.

Never the ones to not help others feel godly, we asked the people at Flavorman, the nation’s top beverage development company (who helped develop beverages such as Jones Soda and Crispin Cider), about cocktail trends for the coming year. Above all, they said, a few overarching themes popped up. First, expect clean and healthy. Second, we’re going to be seeing even more emphasis on the classics. Finally, exotic ingredients are also going to make a scene in a big way.

These major themes aside, here are their picks for 2017 cocktail trends.

Turmeric Sure, if you’re not the kitchen-inclined sort, this may sound like a growth that needs to be removed, but turmeric is an incredibly important ingredient in many styles of cuisine all around the world. With a taste profile that’s both warm and sharp, turmeric is also packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, turmeric is seen to have numerous health benefits, such as being able to reduce cholesterol or helping control diabetes.

“The Tree of Life” We’ll all be singing about our lovely bunches of coconuts in 2017. While drinks like the piña colada have seemingly always been around, coconut is primed for the cocktail scene in the coming year. Not only is coconut a subtly sweet, meaty fruit (or nut or seed, depending on who you ask), but it provides multiple ingredients—meat, juice, milk, and oil. Expect to see all four of these coconut parts making their way into drinks.

Some Like it Hot No, they’re not talking about Fireball (though, if that’s your thing, you can now buy it in a box). Hot and spicy flavors aren’t anything new, but you’re going to see an uptick in spicy spirits as distillers, brewers, and creators across the country experiment even more with the hotter end of the spectrum. Not only will cocktails see spice infused into the recipes (and who doesn’t want a Bird’s Eye Chili margarita, for example?), but you’re probably going to start seeing more hot and spicy spirits in general.

Lovely Accent You Have Look for a variety of accent flavors in 2017. These subtle additions to cocktails make traditional drinks and flavors pop. Adding coffee to non-coffee beverages brings a level of acidity and darkness to round out lighter flavors (such as a cream liquor, for example) while chocolate and chili both can be added to drinks to create a balance on the flavor spectrum.

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