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This cognac is 100 years old and is a collector’s dream centerpiece

If you can afford $30,000, that is

Hermitage Cognac

A unique cognac is coming to the market: a 100 year old aged offering from Hermitage Cognac. Cognac of this age is a rare find, and there will be just 68 decanters of the spirit available for those collectors who are keen enough to hunt it down.

The Hermitage Siècle d’Or 100 Year Old Cognac is named after the “golden century” period of French history, and is a rare find even by collectors’ standards.

“It is one of only a very small quantity of Cognac aged in cellars in the heart of the premier cru of Cognac known as Grande Champagne,” said David Baker, Founder of Hermitage Cognac. “Untouched and unblended, this vintage Cognac has aged for 100 years in Limousin oak barrels. This exceptionally long ageing period has created a wide complexity of rich flavors and aromas, common only with the finest and oldest Cognacs.

“The balance and depth of flavor is a masterpiece of smoothness and quality. Flavors of cocoa, burnt toffee, mushroom, ginger, candied fruit and kumquat are all wrapped up in an intensely rich rancio found only in the rarest of Cognacs.”

With the rarity and age of the offering comes a hefty price tag, as you can imagine. Each one liter portion of the Siècle d’Or will sell for almost $30,000, and the packaging will be a crystal decanter with engraving and gold leaf, set in a wooden presentation box for the lucky owner to show off their piece of cognac history.

At this price it is likely to appeal to collectors or investors, but hopefully some truly enthusiastic cognac fans will take the chance to sample it as well.

Georgina Torbet
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