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Zara Athleticz: Functional Performance In Minimalist, Sustainable Style

Zara athletes take to the streets, sporting its new Athleticz line.
Zara athletes take to the streets, sporting its new Athleticz line.

If there is a brand that knows how to adapt to sports trends, it would be Zara. The largest company in the Inditex Group’s eight retail lines, Zara is in a permanent state of renewal, managing up to 20 clothing collections a year. And Inditex, the largest retailer in the world, already has a long history of collections in which sport is the main protagonist, most recently with its home gym fitness equipment. 

Zara’s freshest capsule collection, Athleticz, is based on three fundamental ideas: Simplicity, functionality, and comfort. As of Sept. 30, you can take part in the exclusive collection of recreational clothes designed to ensure maximum performance and style during each training session. 

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The Athleticz collection is designed to be adaptable with a focus on performance across disciplines. From long to short sleeve shirts and from base layers to backpacks, Athleticz gear features optimal finishes like flat seams, fixed thermal and laser-cut hems that help athletes to minimize abrasion and maximize aerodynamics.

Garments are manufactured with carefully selected fabrics. Zara’s goal has always been to create sleek athletic gear that helps wearers improve performance via stylish, breathable clothing. Athleticz gear even features a secret code instead of emblazoning its logo across fabric: 26-1-18-1; a numeric, Anglo-Saxon ordering of the word ‘Zara.’

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In Athleticz, Zara maintains its minimalist style. Shoppers who are eyeing flashy patterns need to look elsewhere because the new gear’s color palette emits simplicity and lightness with burgundy, yellow, blue, black, gray, and white tones. And each piece is manufactured with natural fabrics that align to Zara’s Join Life standard. 

In 2001, Inditex signed a United Nations global compact in a commitment to social and environmental sustainability. At Zara, sustainability remains a continuous project with specific programs to develop a holistic approach to integrating this social and ecological bar, now incorporated in Athleticz cross-functional line.

Whether it’s basketball, running, or yoga, this is undoubtedly a collection that invites you to exercise.

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