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Tom Brady Begins Tossing a Post-Football Collection to Fitness Fans

Wearing BRADY might not help you feather a deep post over a flailing defense, but who doesn’t want to work out in clothes co-designed by the greatest quarterback of all time?

Tom Brady debuted the next generation of his career with the apparel brand, BRADY, on January 12. BRADY uses fabrics and materials that fuse natural elements with cutting-edge technology to create a collection that is built to let athletes move, breathe, and sweat while competing and recovering. It’s gear for any man (or woman) who’s interested in living a fit, dynamic life, in and out of the arena.

Today’s the day. 3 years in the making. @bradybrand is live! Hit the link to get yours!!

— Tom Brady (@TomBrady) January 12, 2022

“Listen, I’m proud to bring this to all you guys looking for clothing that performs across all of your daily active lives,” Brady said on Twitter.

Brady co-founded BRADY three years ago with entrepreneur Jens Grede, who worked with co-designer Dao-Yi Chow over the last 36 months to develop textiles that work together with wearers to create a classic blend of comfort and style. The result? High-performance fabrics hemmed into high-end garments that aspire to motivate BRADY consumers to achieve training goals while maintaining functional performance in day-to-day life.

Guiding the team towards that mission, BRADY’s first drop of clothes falls into two categories: TRAIN and LIVE. LIVE is stocked with everyday living threads — bombers, beanies, vests, utility pants, structured tees, and more. These selections lean heavily on subtle earth tones — moss green, beige, and black. TRAIN is stacked with breathable tees, hoodies, mesh shorts, jogging sweats, training socks, ball caps, and others. TRAIN features the same solid colors but leans more towards black, tan, varying blues, and bright greens. These are clothes that you might expect to see Brady sporting on the gridiron as well as shuttling to and from work with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

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In providing guys with a fully-stocked wardrobe that’s engineered to achieve peak performance in life and in sport with TRAIN and LIVE, the philosophy that emerges with BRADY is to eliminate the line between the home and the office. In other words, there is no ‘practice’ and there is no ‘break.’ Whether it’s commuting from work to the gym or from a good sweat back home, there is no play-acting — we’re always here, live on stage, living each day. Brady sought to incorporate this consideration in his new clothing line.

Cade McNamera, Tom Brady, Andrew Fenty in BRADY gear.

“Working with a best-in-class team has helped me apply everything I’ve learned throughout my career to create a multi-functional brand that incorporates the best in tech, fabric, and innovative design,” Brady said in a statement.

If you’re a man who expects the finest performance from his clothing, you realize that end fashion doesn’t come cheap. BRADY gear ranges from $20 to $495. Short-sleeve, cotton jerseys, for example, will run you $50, and cotton fleece hoodies go for $95.

The collection is on sale now at and online and in select Nordstrom stores.

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