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The 13 Best Athletic Fit Pants for Guys With Big Thighs

There’s nothing quite as annoying as finding a pair of pants you really like, trying them on, and discovering they fit everywhere but the thighs. Or, if you have a big frame, maybe they don’t have your size at all. It’s an athletic guy’s curse, but there’s hope. Lots of clothing brands for men are not only catching on and making athletic cuts, but perfecting their pants with an athlete’s best friend: stretch.

From specialized fits to advanced fabrics and generous size offerings, these pants are designed for guys with big thighs and every size of waist. Here are the styles athletic men should turn to first when it comes to pants that fit just right.

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Best Denim: American Eagle AirFlex+ Athletic Fit Jean

American Eagle Athletic Fit Jeans

American Eagle’s Athletic Fit Jean will be ready for any adventure the moment you put them on. These denim jeans are durable, yet they have a great amount of give. They’re soft, but they won’t break down. And the best part, they’re affordable as heck.

Best Lightwash Denim: Mugsy Jeans Grands

Mugsy Jeans Grand

Light as a feather, flexible in 360 degrees, and supremely soft, Mugsy Jeans are an easy go-to for guys who need an athletic cut jean. Grands provides a classic light wash color for summer, and guess what? You won’t have to worry about sweating through your pants or having them fit too tight on your body.

Best Travel Pant: Vuori Meta Pant

Vuori Meta Pant Athletic

Vuori is one of the best at making travel pants for a reason. Vuori’s Meta Pant is an excellent choice for every adventure. They guarantee versatility through their moisture-wicking and anti-odor stretch fabric, and they come in a modern tapered silhouette. Not too baggy, not too tight.

Best for Heavy Weight Lifters: Barbell Athletic Chino Pant Ash

Barbell Athletic Fit Pants

For the guys who don’t skip leg day, Barbell is the pant for you. Its chino pants are cut specifically for athletic figures, meaning they’ll form around your sculpted quads, calves, and hiney.

Best Dress Pant: Bonobos Weekday Warrior Athletic Fit

Bonobos Athletic Fit Dress Pant

Well-fitting dress pants are hard to find as it is. For guys with big thighs, you basically have to make a trip to the tailor with every new pair. Fortunately Bonobos’ Weekday Warrior Athletic Fit is an easy solution for getting a dress pant that finally fits. Plus, they come in a lot of awesome colors.

Best Chino: Madewell Relaxed Taper Lightweight Chino Pants

Madewell Relaxed Tapered Pant

Madewell is known for its knockout denim; however, its chino pants are a hidden gem. These relaxed tapered-cut chinos are made with 100% lightweight cotton twill and come with ample pocket space.

Most Stylish: Saturdays NYC Dean Trouser Washed Black

Saturdays NYC Athletic Pant

Cotton, polyester, and elastane come together to make this relaxed fit trouser by Saturday’s NYC. They feature an adjustable utility belt and are garment dyed in a washed black colorway. They’ve got a proper dose of functionality and style, something that’s hard to find for this cut of pants.

More Great Athletic Fit Pants

Paige Elmwood Jogger

Paige Elmwood Jogger

If you have big thighs and want a sporty look, these men’s joggers are for you. They use a sturdy stretch material that won’t give out and sag after a few wears. The brand offers pants up to size 44, plus a slim-straight Federal fit that fits. Hint: Check out the Federal fit. 

Levi’s Men’s 541 Athletic Fit Jean Desperado

Levi's 541 Athletic Fit

Guys who have big thighs often have to sacrifice the opportunity to wear 511’s, or rather they’ll have to size up and then find a tailor. Levi 541’s Athletic Fit aims to eliminate that hassle. They feature a tapered cut with extra room in the seat and thigh. Go with this Desperado color for the summer.

UNTUCKit Chino Pants

UNTUCKit Chino Pants

The brand that perfected the untucked shirt recently redesigned its pants in straight and relaxed fits. A hint of stretch and a curved waistline create a comfortable fit, and the lightweight material and flattering shape make it a good pick for everyday wear. 

Swet Tailor All-In Pants

Swet Tailor All-In Pants

Ever wish you could just wear your sweatpants all day? That’s what these pants feel like. This athleisure made its best fabric into a chino, which is insanely stretchy, but without looking like a performance material. 

Rhone Commuter Pant

Rhone Commuter Pant

This brand makes some of the best workout gear, and the company’s pants don’t disappoint either. Whether you ride a bike or drive to work, these pants will keep you comfortable and even wick moisture on a hot day. 

Mavi Zach Straight Leg

Mavi Zach Straight Leg

If you prefer a straight leg, these twill chinos are a solid pick. Mavi is known for its excellent denim fabrics, but the brand’s chinos are secretly great, too. The material is one of the coziest on this list. 

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