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Succession fashion: Steal Kendall Roy’s sunglasses look

Succession's Kendall Roy has a truly unique pair of sunglasses

Steve McQueen donned the Persol 714 in The Thomas Crown Affair, Tom Cruise made the Ray-Ban Aviators popular in Top Gun, and the crew of criminals in Reservoir Dogs all made the Ray-Ban Clubmasters part of their uniform as they pulled the heist of the century. Sunglasses are a staple of coolness no matter what movie or show you are watching. Sometimes the brand of the glasses sparks people to run out and pick up their own like the above list. Other times, like in the case of Cary Grant’s amber rectangular sunglasses in North by Northwest or Jamie Foxx’s custom round specs in Django Unchained, the brand is completely unknown. But in the case of Jeremy Strong’s sunglasses worn by Kendall Roy in Succession, they are extra special. 

The actor sat down with Gentleman’s Quarterly to talk about the newest season of Succession. During the interview, he listed out the ten things he is never without, and one of those items is his ultra rare, two-of-a-kind sunglasses made by Jacques Marie Mage. Check out the list below, and see how these brilliant specs came to life for the character.

10 Things Succession's Jeremy Strong Can't Live Without | GQ

Starting at about the 3:40 mark, Strong admits that he has given a lot of thought to Kendall’s sunglasses and took it to the next level by reaching out to Jerome Jacques Marie Mage, the founder of Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses. While Strong wore sunglasses designed by Jerome Jacques Marie Mage in previous seasons, the pair collaborated on a unique pair of specs that the character is wearing this season.

The story of their collaboration began with Strong’s love for the brand, causing him to reach out and request a specific color palette and base it on a discontinued model of glasses from the company. The result is a truly unique pair of sunglasses that you can’t stroll down to the nearest mall to pick up.

According to Strong, there are only two pairs in existence—one worn by Kendall Roy and the other worn by Jeremy Strong. Of course, if they are this loved, there are bound to be some others that show up on the market either as rip-offs or classy imitations. But the actual work of Jerome’s will be relegated to the shelves of Kendall Roy and Jeremy Strong.

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