5 Stylish Everyday Carry Essentials for the Guy on the Go

everyday carry

What’s in your everyday carry? Those handy essentials you simply can’t leave home without? EDC tools are becoming more and more popular in our fast-paced and busy world. The idea is that the gear you carry every day should serve at least one purpose or function. These small-yet-useful accessories deserve every bit as much consideration in terms of quality, style, and design as your favorite Oxford shirt or a pair of leather boots. In fact, the best everyday carry gear can really upgrade your daily life — it beats having to search for your keys and wallet constantly, at the very minimum. And those other goods you just can’t live without, like stylish shades — we’ve covered those too.

Boarding Pass Steel Key Clip, $14

Boarding Pass Steel Key Clip for the everyday carry

What’s a guy to do when he wants to travel as light as possible while keeping his keys handy? Grab a durable, well-made key clip from the style-minded purveyors at Boarding Pass. With an eye toward travel gear that looks great on the go, this brand (formerly known as Owen & Fred) gets it.

Boarding Pass Brass Money Clip, $20

Boarding Pass Brass Money Clip

Boarding Pass comes through again with a simple, smart money clip engraved with a refined-yet-cheeky saying. When you only want to carry cash, slip this thing in your suit jacket pocket and head to that big meeting (and drinks after).

Makr Carry Goods Flap Slim Wallet, $90

Makr Carry Goods Flap Slim Wallet

If you’re less of a “money clip” guy and more one who values and appreciates a handsome leather wallet, this Flap Slim Wallet is just what you need. It can easily fit in the front pocket of your favorite pair of blue denim.

Jack + Mulligan Passport Wallet, $75

Jack and Mulligan Passport Wallet

Looking to embark on more trans-Atlantic adventures? You’re going to need a way to keep your passport safe and stylish. The Jack + Mulligan Passport Wallet is an essential addition to your packing list.

Shuron Freeway Sunglasses, $180

Shuron Freeway Sunglasses

Although you arguably spend more time wearing sunglasses than carrying them, they’re still an important everyday essential (even if you don’t live in the tropics). Grab a refined, versatile pair like these ones — sold by Indigo & Cotton — and you’re set to wear ‘em with a henley and chinos or your best worsted wool suit.