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New limited edition everyday carry knife from The James Brand might be the splurge purchase you’ve been waiting for

It's almost $700, but it's so worth it

The James Barnes Micarta knife, open on a grey background.
James / James

Your everyday carry setup says a lot about you. This daily loadout of items reflects who you are, who you aspire to be, and what you value. It shows those around you the kind of guy they’re dealing with — have you thrown a few janky items into your pockets, or are your everyday carry items the sort of quality that turn heads and grab attention?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, for a concept that originated in the survivalist and prepper communities, everyday carry items revolve around more than those standard three that occupy the pockets of the general population: keys, wallet, and phone. The discerning everyday carrier knows a quality pocket knife is among the must-haves. For those looking for something that stands out, The James Brand has just redefined the parameters for the best everyday carry knife on the market. Let me introduce you to The Barnes, the new benchmark in cleanliness and quality.

The James Barnes Micarta knife close up
James / James

What makes The Barnes the best everyday carry knife?

I’ll start with the obvious: look at it. The Barnes is just about the cleanest-looking knife on the market. The sleek, minimalist design oozes class and quality and sets you apart as the discerning carrier. But this isn’t an everyday carry built to adorn your pocket or display on your desktop; this is a knife of the highest quality made for the survivalist for adventurous escapades.

The James Brand has gone for a simple concept with The Barnes: fewer parts for a cleaner, more straightforward design. Like hollowing out a canoe, this knife started life as a single piece of 6ALV4 titanium and was machined into an ergonomic shape. The one-piece design reduces the moving parts and eliminates seams for a more comfortable grip and reduced maintenance for you to carry out.

This cleanliness and quality extend into the pivot joint, where a single stainless steel pivot and ceramic bearings give the blade a smooth motion and a secure locking mechanism keeps it in place as you work. Oh, and that blade, that’s made from Bohler M390 steel, which is widely regarded as the best blade steel on the market. This super steel is renowned for its rugged and hardwearing, maintaining its edge far longer than other blades. Sure, every good knife owner knows they must keep their blade sharp, but with The Barnes, you might forget where your whetstone is between uses.

The James Barnes Micarta knife, open on a white background.
James / James

The James Brand coin: a touch of class

It’s the little things that help to set apart a quality brand, and The James Brand knows that the little things make a difference. Traditionally, when knives were gifted, they were delivered with a coin. The return of this coin to the gifter ensured all debts were covered and relationships stayed intact. In a world of digital exchanges, The James Brand has brought back a touch of analog class, and The Barnes knife comes with a die-cast, double-sided coin.

Whether gifting this everyday carry or upgrading your daily loadout, The Barnes displays class and tradition in the most modern, technologically advanced knife from a brand that knows your everyday gear says everything about you.

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