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Gear Up With These Menswear Essentials to Cut Down Your Own Tree

Gearing Up to Cut Down Your Own Xmas Tree

It’s the season when pines will fill many of the homes around the world. They will come from parking lots, forests, and even mail delivery before the cone-shaped tree finds a standing place in your living room or den. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and once they reach their new home, the decorations are certainly going to differ per household as well. For the adventurous type, the expedition to cut down your own tree is a right of passage that should truly be experienced by everyone at some point. It’s not as simple as driving down to the local lot to buy one, but with the right permit, apparel, and gear, you should find the nearest forest which will lead to a tale you tell by the fire for years to come. You already have the intrepid attitude (and know how to fell a tree), now here’s the gear you’ll need as well.

Boots: Red Wing Style #411 Traction Tred Boot

Tromping through mud, fresh snow, and fallen timber, you’re going to need a boot that’s equal to the expedition. The Red Wing Style #411 is an 8-inch, full-leather, waterproof boot that is as functional as it is fashion-forward. Matched with a pair of wool socks these boots are will go the distance, beyond every tree that doesn’t quite look right, and keep your feet happy as a clam till you yell timber.

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Jacket: Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket

Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket

Let’s face it, you’re heading out in the woods to cut down a tree, you might as well dress the part with the iconic lumberjack red and black plaid. The Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket will be the final layer to your lumbering quest, over another flannel, sweater, or hoody, with inherent water-repellency and insulating warmth for the harshest of conditions. The 100% virgin Mackinaw wool defines comfort, and paired with a staggering nine pockets, Filson continues to set the bar for rugged apparel.

Pants: Carhartt Duck Bill Overalls

Carhartt Duck Bill Overalls

One way or another, you’re going to be on your hands and knees battling against the last slivers of timber — and you’re going to need a duty pant that will stand up against the varying terrain and elements. Naturally, the first card you should pull comes from Carhart and the Duck Bill Overalls with 360-degree kick panels, triple-stitched main seams, and reinforced knees to battle the hardships of the day. When you wear Carhart onlookers know you mean business and out in the forest, nothing under 3 feet will get in your way.

Beanie: Norse Projects Norse Beanie

Norse Projects Norse Beanie

It may not be, but the temps should be low when you head out for tree aside for those of you living in perpetual summer climates. Regardless of temperatures, certain fashion statements have made the beanie acceptable almost 365 days of the year. The Norse Beanie is a rib-knit lambswool that is soft to the touch and keeps all the heat until you find the perfect tree. And as a notable rapper once said, “way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack with the hat to match,” the Norse Beanie will certainly match your woodsmen motif.

Gloves: Duluth Trading Co DT Leather Winter Work Gloves

Duluth Trading Co DT Leather Winter Work Gloves

Aside from your blade, a good pair of gloves may be the most important accessory to your tree cutting endeavor. The Duluth Trading Co DT Leather Winter Work Gloves are waterproof with a nylon and spandex fabric increasing flexible freedom and stitched from pigskin leather to ward of thorns, sap, and a potential little snip from the current homeowner. The added Rolltop fingertips provide that extra gorilla grip to lug your downed tree back to the truck and above all else, the DT Leather Winter Work Gloves will keep blood flowing through all 10 of your digits.

Axe: Best Made S.S.B.

Best Made S.S.B.

No tree stands a chance with Best Made S.S.B. is in your grip. The axe is American-made with the Japanese practice of scorching the wood to add strength to the wood and durability against the elements. The Appalachian hickory is scorched and topped with an American alloy steel blade to wreak havoc on anything in its path. And thankfully the S.S.B. comes with a bridle leather sheath guard to keep you and the blade safe and sound.

Saw: Garret Wade Japanese Pattern Crosscut Timber Saw

Garret Wade Japanese Pattern Crosscut Timber Saw

If you prefer the pull and push of a saw to the hee and ho of an axe, the Garret Wade Japanese Pattern Crosscut Timber Saw is the perfect handheld chainsaw. The progressive deep tooth pattern and 16-inch blade are met by a hardwood handle offset by 30 degrees for ample leverage and to ease the cut. The saw may not have been Paul Bunyan’s first choice, but the Garret Wade Japanese Pattern Crosscut Timber Saw is primed to timber your tree and a few extra logs for the fireplace.

Hydration: Stanley Master Unbreakable Hip Flask

Stanley Master Unbreakable Hip Flask

Scouting, sawing, chopping, and hauling your tree can build up quite a sweat and because you’re out in nature wearing plaid with an axe in your hand you need something with a little bite. The Stanley Master Unbreakable Hip Flask will pack the punch you need for once last pull of the saw, oomph in your step, and on the coldest days, a little heat to your belly. The Stanley Master Unbreakable Hip Flask is maybe not a necessity for falling your tree, but it surely is a welcome accessory.

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