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Rhone Essentials Training Collection — A Cut Above

Rhone Essentials training collection.
Rhone Essentials training collection. Rhone

We here at The Manual advocate living a finer lifestyle, but you’re not going anywhere without underwear, socks, and possibly a t-shirt. Fortunately, Rhone’s Essentials line is crafted with comfort in mind for a refined daily grind. Now Rhone’s expanded Essentials to include gear for after the workday as well. 

Rhone’s Essentials Training collection provides your go-to for core fitness apparel that’s made for daily mindful movement and an easy sweat. Equal to Rhone’s apparel mission, training gear is designed with high-quality fabric at an affordable price point. All shorts, tees, hoodies, and sweatpants come in at under $100. 

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The new Training gear is based on already top-selling Rhone items, with fewer bells and whistles for a lower price point. The Essentials Training Hoodie ($88), for example, may not be made with Rhone’s super soft lux fabric, but it is made from recycled polyester and sports moisture-wicking fabric and a draw-string hood in an athletic fit for on-the-go lives. 

For cooler days, sport an Essentials Training Crewneck ($78) underneath your hoodie. Built for movement, the training crewneck is a cozy, go-to layering shirt. Whether it’s skiing, jogging, or running errands, the crewneck is engineered for an active life. 

Built for getting a good sweat going, the Essentials Training Short ($50) is a stripped-down short made for runs and athletic activity. Its stretch material is constructed to take on rough and tumble wear. 

The Essentials Training Tee ($50) is a sturdy, do-it-all shirt that’s sewn with a recycled lightweight polyester fabric. Losing a little bit in the fabric, the training tee retains Rhone’s signature GoldFusion anti-odor technology and moisture-wicking properties.

To remain warmed up even in cool weather, Essentials Training Sweatpants ($88) will keep legs toasty and comfy with breathable, mid-weight fabric and drawstring accuracy. 

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Post checking out Training Essentials, make sure to keep an eye on Rhone for more announcements as the clothing company continually refreshes its style. Essentials comes on the heels of Rhone’s Nanoprojects line from co-founder Kyle McClure. You keep shopping and Rhone will continue to find ways to stay ahead of the game.

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