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Check out these limited edition sunglasses inspired by the Porsche 911

You'll absolutely love these shades

Porsche Designed Iconic Machined
Courtesy of Porsche Design

Summer is here, which means you are likely on the hunt for a new pair of shades to wear to the beach or float down a river. You may also be planning your next road trip, a leisurely summer drive. Luckily for you, the folks over at Porsche can help you with both of these hunts. Coming from their Porsche Design Studios comes the Iconic Machined, a new pair of shades inspired by one of their classic models, the Porsche 911.

What sets these shades apart from the rest of the sunglasses on the market is how they are constructed. Just like Michelangelo carved his Statue of David out of one massive block of marble, so too did Porsche Design by milling these striking glasses from a single, solid aluminum block to perfect precision.

Porsche Designed Iconic Machined
Courtesy of Porsche Design

Iconic Machined is the Porsche 911 for your face

The Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic cars ever to travel the road. For the last 60 years, the car has been used in races all over the world. It was voted in the top five Cars of the Century in 1995 by the Global Automotive Elections Foundation and was voted by Sports Car International as a top three car of the 1960s and a top ten of the 1970s and 1980s. This makes the 911 the perfect vehicle to base a new limited edition pair of sunglasses on.

The P’8951 Iconic Machined is cut out of one solid aluminum block and sports hard edges to portray the masculine urge to go fast. The two lenses resemble the distinctive headlights of the 911 but are connected through one solid shield. Porsche Design took the same ideas of futuristic designs and innovative technology to the sunglasses and created a unique and rare find in the sunglasses industry.

Porsche Designed Iconic Machined
Courtesy of Porsche Design

From the people that gave you the 911

After Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche created one of the most iconic design objects in contemporary history, the Porsche 911, he decided he wanted the innovation to go beyond the automotive world and launched Porsche Designs nine years later. Five decades later, they cover the gamut of products from golf to fashion to high-quality watches. They have even delved into the cologne industry. The newest version of the Porsche sunglasses is a limited edition with only 911 pieces created worldwide.

The Iconic Machined will be available to ship on 7/15 and can be pre-ordered now for a cool $1200. Along with the stellar 911 Iconic Machined P’8951, you will also get a case and a cleansing cloth. Before you hop in your 911 for your leisurely summer drive, grab a piece of history. This striking pair of glasses will keep you looking great while also celebrating the legacy of one of the greatest cars in history, the Porsche 911.

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