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Modelo-UNKNWN Collection Drops, Wrapping Fighting Spirits Collection

Modelo and UNKNWN's 'Fighting Spirits' collection with paint-splattered cargo pants, a custom patched and blue-and-white-plaid button-down.

You probably missed the Dec. 3 UNKNWN Art Week opening party in Miami, but you can still join the fun after Modelo dropped the fifth release in its Fighting Spirits collection. 

This set of high-fashion streetwear collaborations in Fighting Spirits was sewn by fine art houses and high-end designers from major U.S. cities — five clothing lines with five partners across five U.S. cities over the last five months, from July to now. Modelo founded the series that champions local brands and designers who uplift the community’s fighting spirit. This includes Modelo’s most recent December drop with Miami’s UNKNWN.

Modelo made sure to seek out the best in putting together these exclusive drops and that includes UNKNWN. Having previously collaborated with Lebron James, Thom Browne, and BAPE, UNKNWN is one of the most iconic stores in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. The bougie Bauhaus retail store and local venue made sure to host the opening party at its Wynwood flagship store. Modelo and UNKNWN not only supplied the art and the beverages, but they also served up DJ sets from Silent Addy and Ape Drums and Walt Fire of Major Lazer.

“The idea of Fighting Spirit perfectly embodies so much of what UNKNWN stands for,” Jaron Kanfer, UNKNWN’s co-founder said in a statement. “UNKNWN was created to inspire connections between brands and consumers to create communities. We love that Modelo shares in this vision.” 

The Modelo/UNKNWN collection includes paint-splattered cargo pants, a custom patched, white-plaid button-down, a long sleeve sweatshirt, and an UNKNWN/Modelo co-branded bucket hat. It’s a nod to Miami life and South Florida style. 

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“These Fighting Spirit collections celebrate the cultures of each personality and region while recognizing and uniting fighting spirits across the country,” said Greg Gallagher, Vice President, Brand Marketing, Modelo. 

Modelo, for example, tapped Guillermo Andrade of high-end streetwear store 424, one of the most progressive brands out of Los Angeles, to design the perfect three-piece outfit for a sunny SoCal day. A sleeveless t-shirt, vaquero-quality jeans, and bad blue bandana, the 424 collection honored working-class Angelenos. 

This Fighting Spirit partnership with 424 in Los Angeles preceded its work with KIDSUPER Studios in New York City, Centre TX in Dallas, and RSVP Gallery in Chicago. Modelo positioned itself as a platform for these brands to shine and to act as a beacon for local flavor. 

You can check out collections at The website can be confusing, but it’s worth a little navigating to spin the clothes in a 3D display. 

Fans can enter for a chance to win items from the capsule collection series through local and national sweepstakes opportunities now through Jan. 31. This means state winners take home a limited edition collection and 10 national grand prize winners will win the whole collection. Check out the rules and regulations at

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