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These are our favorite men’s summer fashion trends for 2024

Looking cool in 2024 with these summer trends

man on skateboard by the pool
Serg Alesenko / Pexels

Spring is well underway, and while you still may need a jacket on occasion, it is becoming increasingly more obvious that the cooler weather is behind us and that summer is right around the corner. With the sun burning off the cool rains and the beaches and railways calling our names, the summer wardrobe is primed to make a comeback. Of course, we here at The Manual can’t let a good opportunity go to waste, so we have put together the best men’s summer fashion tips for you to stay cool (literally and figuratively) in 2024.

Here are the six most important trends that are making headway this summer. One or all of them may be right for you. Either way, we’re in for one Hell of a good time this summer.

Magnum P.I. is back

Normal Brand shorts
Normal Brand

Thanks to Kevin Garnet and the baggy lifestyle of the 90s, shorts have spent the last couple of decades firmly planted at the knee. Men have worked hard in the gym to build those quads, only to hide them away at every turn. That is now a thing of the past, as short shorts are back in vogue. Remember seeing Tom Selleck sporting Hawaiian shirts and shorts at the mid-thigh? No? Well, Tom Selleck may not be sporting those short shorts again at his age, but it is definitely your turn to show off that hard work in the gym with a solid pair of shorts no longer than seven inches at the seam. It is going to feel foreign and that is ok…trust us, you are going to look great.

Our favorite

The Normal Brand Cole Terry Short: Starting off with a seven-inch inseam is best if this is new territory for you. And this terry cloth choice is comfortable enough that you won’t care how long they are once you have them on.

Matchy matchy at the pool

family matching at the pool

There is nothing quite like looking like James Bond. If you are a big James Bond fan or a fan of men’s fashion, you remember the light blue poolside onesie that 007 wore in the early scenes of Goldfinger. While we aren’t saying you should wear a onesie, it does have us thinking that the cabana sets are back in full force. While the fast fashion version made an appearance briefly in 2021, the trend is now raging back with good quality. Some are called swim sets, and some are summer sets. Sometimes, the shorts are swim shorts, and sometimes, they are designed for barbeques. The important thing is that they have the same pattern on top and bottom.

Our favorite

Duvin Design Cabana Set: This is the place for the most striking and comfortable looks if you want to give the James Bond look a 2024 update and stay cool in and out of the water.


Not your grandmother’s crochet

Dandy Del Mar Crochet Polo
Dandy Del Mar

Grandmothers have a distinct image of sitting on the corner of the couch with their stories playing in the background while they crochet something for their youngest grandchild. While we may spend most of our time listening to her tales of the olden days and stealing her Werther’s Originals, we likely never thought the thing she is crocheting would be perfect for us years later. Crocheted tops are all the rage this year, and while they are freeing and cool, make sure you have worked hard for the summer body because some of these can put your chest on display.

Our favorite

Dandy Del Mar Dominica Shirt: DDM is rapidly becoming one of our new favorites for everything vintage and unique. And this crocheted polo is one of the most striking on the market. It also comes in a beautiful orange color, and it fills another trend you’ll see later on the list.

Tall socks are cool again

Man in tall socks
Claudia Barbosa / Pexels

Sometime around the time Justin Timberlake was wearing an all-denim ensemble with Britney, socks disappeared from the cool book. They went from crew socks to ankle socks, then to no-show. No matter what outfit you were wearing (even suits), the no-sock look was all the rage. Well, we’re tired of it, and now it is time for the return of socks. If you are wearing shorts, the athletic crew sock is now what you want to see. If you are wearing a suit, play with fun patterns again and have some fun (just don’t take too much attention away from the rest of the ensemble).

Our favorite

Southern Scholar: When wearing shorts and sneakers, any athletic crew sock will do. But when you’re adding personality to a look, Southern Scholar is the only place to go when looking for the right dress sock. From flashy to simple, they have the best of the best.

Button up your polo…or leave it open

Ben Sherman button up
Ben Sherman

Polos have been a thing for decades. In the late 80s and early 90s, the pastel colors stacked on top of each other with the collar popped was the definition of cool. Then, they evolved to be the shirt you wore to the office in your business casual wardrobe. Now, the run-of-the-mill pullover polo is perfect for the golf course. But for the everyday, embrace the 70s again with the button-up polo. If you want an extra layer of cool, leave it open with a tank top or pristine tee underneath. Pair that with light-wash denim for the ultimate in summer coolness.

Our favorite

Ben Sherman button-up: Ben Sherman is one of the top names in the game, and this is simply another reason why. Wear this on its own or flash it up by opening it and choosing one of the three colors of the polo for a contrasting undershirt.

Colors, colors, and more colors

Y. Chroma shirt
Y. Chroma

Something else that happened around the time of Justin Timberlake (we’re not blaming him for the blandness of men’s fashion that took hold in the early 2000s, but we do have questions) was the muting of colors. Men began adopting the blues, grays, blacks, and browns and strayed away from color. Thankfully, it is time to ditch the blues and grays and embrace bright colors and patterns. Animal print is back, and rich tones are your pick for this season. Have fun with your wardrobe and let your personality out of the box you’ve been hiding inside.

Our favorite

Y.Chroma: Men are so used to silencing their appearance that the mere mention of using color can be overwhelming. That is why Y.Chroma is one of the most important brands to arrive on the scene in the last decade. A simple and curated wardrobe that works together and looks like you spent years learning how to make color work. Lucky for you, Max Israel did the work for you.

Colors, button-ups, crochets, and thighs are on display. This list has everything you need to completely revamp your look for the summer. We’ll talk again in the Fall when we have a whole new list of trends to discuss.

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