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Indochino Suits For Men Are Just in Time for Wedding Season

Wedding season can be difficult. Without the inside scoop on the latest trends and the advice on the best threads, it’s all too easy to be caught going too casual, too formal, and just simply out of style. Fortunately, Indochino has got you covered.

The online and retail custom suitmaker crafts are made to measure pieces that are fabricated to wearers’ individual measurements and look preferences to attain a flawless fit with endless ways to customize. Originally founded as an online retailer in 2007, Indochino has the know-how to assure an elevated digital experience with access from almost anywhere in the world. With Indochino’s 75+  showrooms open in Canada and the United States, customers can immerse themselves in a multi-channel experience to get into the perfect suit for this upcoming spring and summer’s nuptial celebrations, no matter what the occasion.

Indochino | Behind the Brand

“I think a lot of what we do is going against the grain,” CEO Drew Green said in Indochino’s Behind the Brand video. “Bespoke, made-to-measure, custom, was traditionally only available in store. We were the first to bring it online. As we went through that journey, we really felt that in order to connect with the consumer, we needed to give them true options; really provide an engaging experience that they would enjoy and remember.”

Indeed, online and in-store, Indochino men can get creative to align with their choices. This includes standing out with seasonal colors, patterns, materials, tailoring length, suit fit, lapel sizes, and if you want to add personalized options like a monogram, and more.

“Our showroom is a little different than your traditional suit store,” vice president of retail Dean Handspiker said. “There’s thousands of options in booklets and we provide expert advice for what people are looking for. Swatches we display in one meter by one-meter scale, so that you can get a feel for what fabric will look like.”

The magic of Indochino’s system is that you can reorder online with these measurements and custom settings once they’re already in the system, saving you the time and effort from having to go in for fitting and adjustments every time you buy a suit. This is a big help, especially this year.

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As of January, Handspiker said, 42% of Indochino’s in-store appointments were wedding-related, which is a huge upswing that early in the season. With many weddings delayed over the past two years, this wedding season is going to be a big one. Indochino is aiming to be there for all men’s needs.

“We see with a lot of men, this is not just their introduction to Indochino, but also an intro to suiting,” Handspiker said. “We’re there to support them through all choices — matching shoes, lapels, deciding on one button, no button, or two-button suits, and more. Off the rack, you’re not going to have that level of service.”

Indochino wedding styles for upcoming spring weddings.

So What’s in Style in 2022?

“We’ve seen a shift in colors in the past couple of years,” Handspiker said. “Blues and grays have been the de facto colors (and still are to a certain extent), but now we’ve seen a rise of neutral tones. Early indications are that green will be very popular this year. We’ve added a line of spring pastels and even bright colors that will be arriving shortly.”

These delayed celebrations have also increased the formality of weddings and Indochino’s tuxedo business is already going strong this year with formal dinner jackets following suit. Wearers can never go wrong with a traditional black tux, but rules have loosened up a bit when it comes to formal wear. Indochino now offers a “gorgeous” midnight blue/navy formal option that helps the guy who wants to stand out a little bit. Why buy a tuxedo instead of just renting?

“It’s the most advanced thing in men’s style,” Handspiker said. “The lapels might go in or out in width, but tuxedos are going to last you at least 10 years before you’re going to need a new one. And at a $529 price point, we make them really accessible.”

Got a destination wedding? Indochino even designed a suit that travels easily. The apparel company’s Howell Traveler suit is wrinkle, stain, and water-resistant, with added stretch for extra comfort on the road. And if you’re planning to wear linen to a beach wedding, Indochino advises bringing a travel steamer to remove wrinkles because linen crumples easily.

All in all, if you’re going to ensure that you’re looking fly for the spring and dapper this summer, Indochino has got all the flavors to fit into any wedding setting.

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