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How to tie your shoes and make any pair in your closet slip-on shoes

YouTube videos with genius ways to tie your shoes so you never have to tie them again

It turns out that learning to tie your shoes in Kindergarten may not have been the win you and your parents thought it was. Men’s slip-on shoes are all the rage these days. Call them ugly all you want — they’re easy to slip on when you’re in a rush and cozy to boot.

Maybe you’re a resident sneakerhead, or perhaps you simply don’t feel like splurging on a pair of designer men’s slip-on shoes. You might simply not be able to get passed the “ugly shoe” label of Birkenstocks (or the more budget-friendly dupes). Still, the ease of slip-on shoes is a massive perk.

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It’s possible to turn your sneakers into slip-ons, so you never have to tie them again. Two YouTube videos explained three genius methods to tie your shoes for the last time.


Lace Anchor

The first two methods come from the same video by Wearably Weird. The YouTube creator first explained how to use a lace anchor to tie your shoes, turning them into slip-ons.

At the end of the video, the user explains something we’ll tell you upfront: Try this method with your foot in the shoe to customize the fit and lace slack.

  1. Take out your anchor, and thread the lace through the top hole.
  2. Pull it down. It should sit underneath the top eyelet.
  3. Take the lace, and smooth it to get rid of any creases.
  4. Thread the lace into the bottom hole, and pull it through.
  5. Feel the resistance — it makes it difficult for the lace to move, which is the goal. It is similar to a bow but doesn’t require being tied.
  6. Repeat on the opposite side.

Free Technique

The second method, which the user calls the “free technique,” doesn’t require any special equipment.

  1. Unlace your shoes.
  2. Thread the lace into the two eyelets, or lace holes, at the top of the shoe. You want the laces threaded downward. The video gives a good visual at the 2:21 mark.
  3. Peel back the sneaker at the eyelet. Thread the lace into the second eyelet to create a small loop.
  4. Continue with the same side of the lace, but go to the second eyelet on the opposite side of the sneaker to create a straight lace.
  5. Take the other side of the lace and repeat the third and fourth steps.
  6. Keep going, alternating sides to create straight laces up and down the shoe.
  7. Once you’ve threaded the laces through the final set of eyelets, they should both come out on the same side.
  8. Tie the knot, so it is down and close to the eyelet. Pull to ensure good resistance. This step ensures the laces stay tight enough to keep your foot in the shoe. However, the laces are also loose enough to allow your sneakers to become slip-on shoes.
  9. Tuck the laces under the tongue of the sneaker.
Convert your shoes to slip-ons in 4 easy steps | Life Hack

Knotted Method

The final method comes from creator Hari of Relativity.

  1. Take your lace from the bottom eyelet, or the one closest to your body.
  2. Make some simple knots. The creator recommended four, and you can watch him do it around the :50 mark.
  3. Thread the lace back in the loop and make two more knots. The lace should no longer move.
  4. If your shoe has an extra hole. Thread the lace through the inside and pull it out. Make a knot or two if you have extra lace.
  5. Follow the same instructions on the opposite side.
  6. Slip the shoes on.

Yes, it’s possible to convert sneakers into slip-ons, alleviating one extra step from your morning routine. YouTube videos can help video learners get the job done with ease.

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