Give the gift of class with The Manual’s holiday watch guide

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With Thanksgiving in the rearview and Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start really thinking about what to gift to your friends and family. Of course, there’ll always be that friend of yours who loves a good bottle of whiskey for Christmas — and there’s nothing wrong with that — but what about your loved ones who asked for something a bit more classy? Lucky for you, we’ve made it easy on  you.

Few things say Happy Holidays in a classier way than a slick wrist watch, but we know the market is absolutely flooded with “the next great timepiece.” To help, we’ve compiled the following list of our favorite watch brands to make your selection process that much easier to bear. So whether you’ve got a friend who lives like it’s the 1920’s or feel your dad could use some serious sprucing up of his wardrobe, you’re sure to find a watch befit of a stylish Christmas morning.



Customization is the name of the game for Undone who allows its customers complete control over the look and feel of their watch. With the ability to alter seven different categories — like the watch’s face, its minute/second hand, and its strap — making a watch through Undone’s customization shop literally assures you’ll have the rarest watch on your block. The site allows users to mix and match different colors of the watch’s dial and bezel, swap out a leather band for a military bund, or simply choose from one of Undone’s many premade combinations.

Once the finished product arrives your jaw will drop all over again as the company pulls no punches in its presentation. From the personally written thank you letter to the heavy duty watch box itself, the finished product is pure artwork. To make it even more appealing, the crew at Undone is currently offering free packaging customization for the Christmas season and special holiday discounts just by entering TheManual10 as a promo code; what’s not to like?

Shore Projects


Inspired by the British seaside, Shore Projects’ stunning array of watches exhibit a sense of timeless design and casual style. From its pastel-colored watch bands to its vintage design and top-quality durability, a watch from Shore Projects is one which begs to be worn every day. Recently, the brand released a great new collection of watch styles and bands fit for literally any lifestyle. Dressing up? Opt for the Abersoch which comes with a brushed gold face and quality leather band to round out your attire. Need to step up your work style? Go with the metal-banded Barra to give off an aura of confidence to your coworkers. Playful yet classic, Shore Projects is one of the most delightful watch companies you’ll find anywhere.

Daniel Wellington


If high-class style is what you look for in a watch, look no further than Daniel Wellington. Fully embracing preppy as a bonafide trend, the folks at Daniel Wellington made it a point to craft some of the cleanest and good-looking watches on the market. Whether you prefer a cloth or leather strip, Roman or Arabic numerals, or a 40mm case, you’ll find it here. What perhaps makes a Daniel Wellington watch stand out from the crowd is no matter if it’s in a board meeting, at the beach, or on the couch, a wrist wearing one of these just fits in. Comfortable, timeless, and incredibly fashionable, Daniel Wellington knows how to make a watch that doesn’t just tell the time, but turns heads.

Vortic Watches


Sure, a watch from Vortic might be a bit on the spendy side but it’s a guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before; pocket watches refashioned into wrist watches. What makes this idea so brilliant isn’t just the repurposing of the pocket watch itself, but how Vortic goes about making this extremely unique. After finding a batch of suitable pocketwatches — some even date back to the mid-to-late 1800s — the team then goes about 3D-printing a compatible case which allows the watch to essentially float in the casing. This fact alone literally assures Vortic’s product line is as unique as it gets boasting not only a revolutionary design but a one-of-a-kind blast from the past.

Great George Watches


By focusing on crafting a watch face that’s a perfect square, Great George cemented itself into a crowded industry by going against the traditional shape of a watch. As a company, Great George hopes the simplistic design and wearability of its collection allows for the status quo of circular watches to be flipped, paving the way for the acceptance of a square face. Moreover, the watches also take much of its design inspiration from the Bauhaus art movement which takes what is simple to create what is useful.

A Great George watch may not have the bells and whistles of some of its competition, however, its elegant design makes it one hell of a tasteful addition to any outfit. Considering it also packs Swiss movements and a stainless steel frame, this is a high-quality time piece you shouldn’t think twice of gifting.