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G-SHOCK’s latest G-LIDE watches are a smaller take on surfing timepieces

It is more than a woman's watch

G-Shock G-lide in blue and white

The Euro was introduced. Eminem dropped the Slim Shady LP. Keanu Reeves first appeared as Neo. Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France. 1999 was a big year in a lot of ways. But for the surfing community, it got the first of a line of watches that would transform the sport from the wrist out. G-SHOCK introduced the G-LIDE, GL-100, with a low-temperature resistance that made it perfect for those early morning waves while the rest of the world missed out in their beds.

Since the end of the millennium, G-SHOCK has gone back to the line to add more features over and over again. That included solar power, sunset and sunrise times, and a tough square case perfect for standing up to the wipeouts. But, what made the G-LIDE perfect for surfers was the addition of the moon phase data and the tide data. All of this was packed into a slimmer package that appeared in the newest model last year in the GLX-S5600. But now, G-SHOCK is adding to the line again with two new women’s versions.

G-Shock G-lide on wrist

Introducing the GLXS5600-2 and the GLXS5600-7B

The newest additions to the G-LIDE line, at 40.5 mm, are meant to give the surfing community a smaller option. They give a feeling of surfing with nature as they embrace the eco-friendly ideals that many surfers hold, protecting their ocean for longer surf times and smaller impacts on the environment. The bezel and band are constructed from eco-friendly biomass-based resin, utilizing renewable organic resources for our oceans and beaches, perfect for the surfers of today and tomorrow.

The two new additions come in two colors: The first is a baby blue to represent the hues of the oceans. The freedom of the open water that keeps us searching for the horizon and exploring the seas. The second is a pristine white, representing the untouched beauty of the sandy beaches and the safety of home when you are off the water and on dry land of the coastline.

G-Shock G-lide on wrist 2

Not just for women

Of course, we talked about the fact that men wear women’s watches all the time, so these new beauties aren’t exclusive to women. Like most marketing campaigns with things like colors, sizes, and fragrances, something that is marketed to women isn’t necessarily exclusive. The smaller casing is perfect for the guy with the smaller wrists or the guy who simply wants to keep a lower profile.

And you don’t have to sacrifice any of the perks of the usual G-LIDE, as this one also comes with these amazing features:

  • Shock Resistance ​
  • 200M Water Resistance​
  • LED Light (Super Illuminator) w/Flash Alert
  • Tide & Moon Graph
  • World Time (29 TZ / 48 City)
  • Multi-function Alarm (1 with Snooze Alarm
  • 1/100 Sec Stopwatch (24 Hr.)
  • Countdown Timer (24 Hr.)
  • 12/24 Hr. Time Formats

Each one of these comes at the easy price of about $100. That makes this surfing accessory one of the most affordable, stylish, and eco-friendly options on the market.

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