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Would you wear these McDonald’s-inspired Crocs?

Now, you can dress like the Hamburglar

Crocs and McDonalds Grimace

Crocs are some of the most divisive items in fashion. Some people think they are the pinnacle of functional comfort. You can wear them anywhere in place of sandals and they are waterproof, comfortable, and keep your feet cool in warm weather. If you’re feeling squirrelly, you can even put them in sport mode when you are ready to feign athleticism. The other side of the debate sees Crocs as children’s shoes. While they may be functional, they tend to look best in middle schools and high schools.

While we can admit that we see credibility to both sides of the debate, there’s no doubt that the footwear company has done a great job of inserting itself into today’s cultural zeitgeist. One of the ways it accomplished this feat is by using kitschy ideas and collaborations. Earlier this season, Crocs released some pretty interesting cowboy boots. Now, it has teamed up with one of the most iconic fast-food chains in the world — the one associated with Ronald McDonald.

Crocs and McDonalds Birdie

Trading Big Macs for big style

There is no bigger name in fast food than McDonald’s. It is the largest name in the game and serves 69 million customers in over 100 countries every day. Of course, it isn’t just about burgers, nuggets, and McRibs; it is also a business that dives into other ventures like real estate, and now, footwear.

Crocs teamed up with McDonald’s to offer four different options for fans of both novelty footwear and bright colors. On top of the basic red pair inspired by the restaurant itself, there is a purple pair inspired by the character, Grimace, a yellow pair for Birdie, and of course, a black and white based on the Hamburglar.

Crocs and McDonalds pins

Can’t forget the toppings

You can’t have a Big Mac without adding pickles, onions, and cheese. And you can’t have a pair of Crocs without adding Jibbitz charms. One of the charms (pun intended) of Crocs is the ability to make even the most basic-looking Crocs more eye catching with pendants, adding a little bit of flare. Of course, you can’t miss out on the chance to double down on your McDonald’s Crocs with Jibbitz, including some of its most popular items like a Big Mac, fries, chicken nuggets, a drink, and of course, the Golden Arches.

You can opt for some sandals, you can build a shoe wardrobe, and you can update your style as much as you want, but you may never get the opportunity to pick up a one-of-a-kind novelty pair of shoes. Don’t forget to hit up the lobby of the local franchise instead of the drive-thru. No point in wearing them if you won’t show them off.

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