5 of the Coolest Watches We Wanted on our Wrist at Baselworld 2017

Oris-1917-Limited-Edition Watch

There is a cool watch everywhere you look when walking the vast halls of the Baselworld watch show in Switzerland, but every so often, one would jump out at us and scream, “Put me on your wrist!”

They may not all be the flashiest models, the most expensive, or produced by the best-known watchmakers; but they stood out by being a little different, and extremely cool. Here are five of the watches that shouted loudest:

Werenbach Earth Collection


Yes, these cool watches really are made of space rockets. Boosters attached to the Soyuz rocket that traveled to the International Space Station in October last year were recovered, and parts then used to make the dial. White dials come from the nose cone, grey from the booster, and the sought-after orange ones from the engine cladding. Werenbach will offer the first run of watches on Kickstarter at the end of March 2017, with prices starting at around $500.

Qlocktwo W


The Qlocktwo W spells out the time using a matrix of 110 LEDs on your wrist. The LEDs are mounted in a square, milled piece of stainless steel, and a press of the button on the side of the watch lights it all up. “It’s half past seven,” the display will read. Press it again and it’ll show the seconds, and again to see the date. The Qlocktwo W is available in seven different languages, comes in steel, gold, black, rose gold and several other finishes, with prices from around $850. The company also produces wall clocks that use the same technology.

Oris 1917 Limited Edition


When Oris CEO Ulrich Herzog was presented with an Oris made in 1917, which had been purchased as a surprise by a friend and previously entirely unknown, a modern limited edition was commission to commemorate it. The result is the Oris 1917, a beautiful watch with a polished stainless steel body, a dark leather strap, and a domed sapphire crystal, giving the face an almost 3D-like quality. Limited to 1,917 pieces, it will cost around $2420, and comes with a second leather strap inside a presentation leather case.

Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon


Weighing just 100 grams, the oversize Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon lives up to its name. The standout design feature is the carbon fibre trigger on the left-hand side of the case, which activates the chronograph, along with the carbon fibre dial with, in the version seen here, blue color highlights. Even the buckle is made from carbon fibre to keep the weight down. The price varies, depending on colors and materials, but expect to pay around $8,500.

Bulova Curv

Bulova-Curv Watch

Your wrist isn’t completely flat is it? No, so Bulova developed the Curv, the world’s first watch with a curved chronograph movement, placed inside a curved body that feels so natural agains your wrist, you could easily forget it’s there. From the movement to the front and rear sapphire crystal, and even the hands themselves; everything subtly bends to create a more flattering, human shape than other watches. It’s reasonably priced at upwards of $600, depending on the materials you choose.