Converse and Nike Designer Tinker Hatfield Debut Converse Star Series

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The makers of your favorite pair of classic sneakers are at it again, teaming up with a legendary designer to launch your favorite sneakers of … the future. Converse and famed Nike design legend Tinker Hatfield launched the Converse Star Series earlier this spring, and the resulting sneakers are more than worthy of adding to your collection.

Made up of three sneakers (two of which are available now) that build off the heritage of Converse and the serious design chops and futuristic viewpoint of Nike, the Converse Star Series is a step forward that blends the old and the new. Converse is no longer just a brand known for the classic Chuck Taylor high-top sneakers (although, we love those, too).

The collection leads off strong with the Converse Star Series BB (the BB stands for basketball) and follows through with the Converse Star Series RN.

Converse Star Series BB
converse star series tinker hatfield news bb

a surprisingly tough pair of high-top sneakers that have so far been tough to find (but can be picked up via resale sites for not too much coin). With roots in running and basketball – and designs that are one and the same when it comes to both performance and functionality – the new designs are refreshingly modern and surprisingly tough (witness touches like a cushioned midsole and a sport-inspired, diamond-textured design with a beastly toe bumper).

Converse Star Series RN
converse star series tinker hatfield news rn

These aren’t canvas sneakers that can show wear-and-tear a little too quickly for our liking– for instance, the Converse Star Series RN features a mesh upper and a lifestyle runner-inspired design, ideal for wearing with slim joggers and a pocket tee or else light wash jeans and a breezy slub polo.

The  Star Series UT, named for utilitarian influences, is set to drop later this year, and happens to feature a runner-style take on the chukka.

These sneakers also use color schemes familiar to both Converse and Nike, including primary color touches like white, silver and black, plus pops of sport-inspired orange. These are tough, dependable and futuristic sneakers that it just makes sense to own – think of them as your new festival-going (or running, or basketball) sneakers, with just enough personality to stand out in a crowd. That is, if you can find any to buy anywhere since the BB and RN are already sold out at Converse and Nike.

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