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Citizen quietly launches new Forza collection with dials straight out of the 70s

Citizen watches launches new Forza Collection

Citizen watches Forza collection

Citizen Watches is building on its series of integrated bracelet watches with the new Forza line, which gets its name from the Italian word for “strength.” This comes hot off the heels of the previous Citizen watches Tsuyoga line, which means “strength” in Japanese (we see what they did there.)

The new Citizen watches Forza collection has three variants: the Forza Chrono, the Forza Three-Hand, and the Forza Mechanical. Each watch from the Citizen Forza line is made with the brand’s exclusive Super Titanium, which has certainly become more popular this year, even to the point where it’s considered a luxury alternative to stainless steel. It’s more gray than steel and is famous for its scratch resistance, being lightweight, and exceptionally shiny finish. Two of the new Forza models feature solar-powered Eco-Drive quartz movements, while the third is powered by an automatic caliber.

Citizen watches: Forza Collection

Citizen Forza collection on model

The 3 new Citizen Forza watches all throw it back to the 70s with angular cases, and round bezels, a la “Jaws” and “Apocalypse Now.” Each of these Citizen watches is made with Duratect surface-hardening technology to make the watches incredibly durable while the tapered bracelets feature Y-shaped links and folding clasps. Additionally, they come with sapphire crystal, luminous hands, and indices as well as 100-meter water resistance.

The Forza Chrono

Citizen Forza Chrono

Despite trends going toward smaller watch dials, Citizen watches added the Forzo Chrono to their collection, which is the largest model in the series at 42.5mm in diameter and 11.5mm in thickness. Of course, some people simply have their taste and don’t really care about trends, and we say more power to them. It comes in three colors: white, light blue, and salmon with a black tachymeter ring on the edge giving a panda effect that is certainly a love-it-or-hate-it aesthetic, there are no gray areas. The Forza Chrono is powered by the Eco-Drive Caliber B620 and can run up to 9 months on a full charge.

The Forza Three-Hand

Citizen Forza Three-Hand

This watch comes in at a much smaller 39mm in diameter (for those who stick to the trends like their life depends on it) and is 10mm thick. The Forza Three-Hand is powered by the solar-driven Eco-Drive Caliber J800 and also has a 9-month power reserve.

The Forza Mechanical

Citizen Forza Mechanical watch

The Forza Mechanical rounds out the collection in white, blue, or light blue options, while the blue dial is the only one with a black minute track on the edge. The titanium case is 40.5mm in diameter and 11mm thick and features a transparent caseback. Inside, the Forza Mechanical features the Caliber 8213 automatic movement, which comes with a 45-hour power reserve and 21 jewels.

How much are these new Citizen watches?

Citizen Forza Mechanical

The Forza Chrono watches are available for $625, as well as the Forza Mechanical watches, while the Forza Three-Hand models are slightly cheaper at $495. You can get more information about the Forza collection at the official Citizen Watches website.

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