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Everything you need to know about Charles Leclerc’s style

Charles Leclerc
Ferrari / Ferrari

Everyone knows that the style icon of the current Formula 1 grid is Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. While Hamilton tends to get all the clicks and stares, other F1 drivers are making their mark in the style section. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s star driver, is one of the young drivers bringing fashion to the grid. Since Leclerc will drive alongside Hamilton’s teammate in Ferrari in a shocking 2025 move, it’s time to look at the Monaco-born driver. 

Born in the affluent Monaco, there’s no doubt that Leclerc is known to wear high-end designer and luxury items. However, at times, Leclerc’s styling can be deemed more modern and eclectic than the quiet luxury fashion you would expect. Leclerc has also provided some controversial and eccentric style choices, there’s no doubt that the Ferrari star’s style will also be a rival for Hamilton off the grid.

Old money flair

Although some of Charles Leclerc’s grid looks have come under question, especially when he dons mixed prints, there’s no doubt that the Monégasque driver knows the secret to quiet luxury. Considering the opulent background of Monaco, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Leclerc knows the value of quality basics. When he isn’t experimenting with colors and patterns, the Ferrari driver dons white t-shirts and classic leather or denim jackets that are the epitome of stealth wealth.

To achieve the simple luxury look, you’ll need to invest in neutral colors that can easily match other items in your closet. The benefit of a neutral color palette is that it allows you to use these pieces to balance with even bolder pieces, should you choose. Like Leclerc, blacks, whites, and browns are the perfect foundation for your outfit for that traditional Monégasque look.

Explore the eccentric

Like most Formula 1 drivers, Leclerc isn’t afraid of taking a risk. When he isn’t donning his typical Ferrari gear, you can typically see him walking the grid in a few patterns or prints. While his mixing and matching might not be for everyone, it does show his ability to take a few chances. 

Whether it’s printed pants or a bold jacket, everyone can use one piece in their wardrobe that sits outside the box. Statement pieces can be the perfect item to set yourself apart from the rest and give a new life to your existing wardrobe. Pick out an item, whether a top or bottom, that seems different from the rest of your closet and swap it with your day-to-day wear.

Charles Leclerc for Richard Mille
Richard Mille / Richard Mille

Don’t underestimate the basics

We already know that neutral color palettes are one aspect of the quiet luxury look, and we often see Leclerc rock on the grid, but that doesn’t mean he sticks to any design. Whether it’s taking in events in Monaco and France or walking into the paddock, you’ll often see Leclerc in simple silhouettes.

Basic pieces are key for any wardrobe and are great investment pieces for a long-term capsule wardrobe. White t-shirts, denim jeans, quality hoodies, and jackets are just some of the items Leclerc has been spotted in. These quality basics clearly show and make his style seem even more elevated, sophisticated, and carefree. There is no need to stress about over or under-layering when you only need the essential pieces to build a stylish wardrobe.

APM Monaco necklace on Charles Leclerc
APM Monaco / APM Monaco

Accessorize and accessorize

With sponsors like Richard Mille and APM Monaco, it’s no shock that Charles Leclerc knows a thing or two about accessorizing. Even if you aren’t a fan of rocking the stacked bracelets look, accessories like sunglasses or rings can help give you an edgier look. Often sporting sponsor Ray-Bans, Leclerc has his signature accessories, which you can typically see him put on after his races. 

Although Leclerc is an ambassador for many of these accessory brands, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to replicate. Choose staple accessory pieces that are easy to wear in your day-to-day to give your look something extra. Opt for simple accessories like beaded or yarn bracelets that feel and look more casual and make it easier to sport on the go. Don’t forget your classic black sunglasses to complete your entire look.

Charles Leclerc in Ferrari video
Ferrari / Ferrari

Add style to everyday looks

If there’s anything to take away from Charles Leclerc’s style, it’s the fact that he isn’t afraid to elevate his casual style. Unlike his future teammate, Lewis Hamilton, Leclerc has a more casual style yet tends to be sophisticated and put-together. Even without rocking head-to-toe designer and runway looks, you can still look elevated with basic and everyday options. 

Add in a few extra details to take your casual look from drab to chic without having to sacrifice your sense of style. As the season progresses, and Charles gets to bond with his new teammate, we’ll likely be seeing Hamilton’s influence in Leclerc’s style as well as his driving.

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