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Men’s fashion advice: How to get F1 driver Lewis Hamilton’s look without spending a fortune

Step one: Be bold

Lewis Hamilton Silverstone 2018
Jen_ross83/Creative Commons / Creative Commons

Besides being one of the most successful and prolific drivers on the Formula 1 grid, Sir Lewis Hamilton is also an iconic style star. There are plenty of reasons why Hamilton is as big of a sports star as he is; besides winning 7 World Drivers’ Championships and dominating for several years, Hamilton is also the current face of the sport. Anyone who has followed Hamilton’s journey since 2007 will have witnessed the immense style journey of the driver and the influence Hamilton has had with crossing fashion and sports. 

While we are used to seeing Hamilton in his typical F1 gear, his paddock walks are his version of the red carpet and runway. Always donning the most talked about looks, there’s no doubt why his arrivals are always news. From high-street fits to over-the-top looks, Hamilton proves you can simultaneously be a successful sports star and one of the best fashion icons. 

With partnerships with brands like Tommy Hilfiger, there are plenty of ways you can copy his style and adopt his confidence in your everyday fashion. There’s no need to rock Louis Vuitton or designer pieces like him because the key to achieving Lewis Hamilton’s style starts with your mindset. 

Lewis Hamilton playing gold
Finn Pomeroy/ Mercedes / Mercedes

What is Lewis Hamilton’s style? 

Although it would be much easier to pinpoint Lewis Hamilton’s style in just one word, the truth is that he is the ultimate style chameleon. Since he isn’t a stranger to pushing the envelope, you can often find him rocking anything from right off the runway to the casual Mercedes driver shirt and a pair of jeans. Unlike other athletes, you can describe Hamilton’s style primarily as Lewis Hamilton. A mixture of different fashion trends and pieces, Hamilton rocks everything with the same confidence and attitude, making it his own. Hamilton’s bold and unique fashion sense is easy to replicate by considering three easy steps, even if you aren’t rocking Rick Owens or Dior on the Formula 1 Paddock.  

Be bold

Just like his driving, Lewis Hamilton’s style is bold. Whether it’s the material, color, print, or silhouettes, Hamilton always seems to use one piece to make his wardrobe stand out. During the 2023 United States Grand Prix, Hamilton rocked the paddock wearing a head-to-toe green denim look that fit the Western vibes. While not everyone has the guts to rock the Canadian tuxedo, Hamilton’s boldness makes it the perfect pair. 

To adapt this to your everyday style, choose colors or prints you wouldn’t typically see on the streets. Whether neon hues, head-to-toe leather, or denim materials, there’s always a way to rock a bold outfit that fits your lifestyle. 

Mix and match different styles

Being versatile and open-minded is vital to capture Hamilton’s style truly. One of the reasons why everyone applauded his fashion sense is because you never know what to expect from him. Mixing soft fabrics with edgier bottoms or rocking monochrome light hues are just some ways Hamilton has combined various styles for a cohesive and unique wardrobe.

 Hamilton sported a colorfully printed bomber jacket for the Australian Grand Prix with a polished pair of navy blue trousers. This example is just one of the many ways the driver has mixed various styles into one stand-out look.

Forget the rest and rock your confidence

It’s hard to imagine that an F1 driver can be as successful as Lewis Hamilton without a bit of confidence to get them through races. However, Hamilton’s confidence is also one of the reasons why he is an iconic style star. No one can forget his extravagant outfit at the Miami Grand Prix, where he donned a Rick Owens sequined jumpsuit that was a definite head-turner. 

Whether playing with softer fabrics or interesting statement materials, Lewis Hamilton breaks from the norm and wears anything he deems stylish and cool. While many wouldn’t rock a sequined jumpsuit in their everyday life, this self-assurance and confidence in his style makes Hamilton one of the athletes with the best style. 

If you’re willing to rock more out-of-the-box choices, wear pieces you have never reached for. If you’re a neutral lover, choose a colorful piece that will contrast the rest of your subtle wardrobe. There is no need to completely alter your wardrobe, as only a few statement pieces are enough to give you a more statement look. Reach for outerwear with bold prints or graphics that seem unusual, and let your confidence do the rest. 

Lewis Hamilton 2023 Miami Grand Prix
Sam Bloxham/Mercedes / Mercedes

Shop Lewis Hamilton’s style

Because Lewis Hamilton’s style has captured the eyes of everyone, it’s no surprise that he has plenty of high-end designers at his disposal. Besides his partnership with Tommy Hilfiger, he’s been wearing brands like Zegna and Dior on the paddock. And while these designs are certainly eye-catching, they aren’t always available to everyone. Thankfully, there are more affordable places where you can get this same look. 

Shops like J.Crew may feel like they only sell conservative and tailored clothing, but they can be the perfect place to get well-fitting clothing. Opt for colors outside the typical hues to find pieces that match a bold fashion sense. Any neon or vibrant hues in classic silhouettes like button-downs or trousers can give you just the right amount of flair you need for your new wardrobe.

You can also find interesting pieces at your thrift store that can sell more of a retro flair that can easily be a unique piece for your wardrobe. The other advantage of thrift shopping is that you’ll likely run into pieces you can’t find anywhere else. And if we’ve learned anything about how Lewis Hamilton handles his fashion, you will hardly find anyone wearing his same ‘fits.

Leslie Leon
Leslie is a Los Angeles-based writer and content creator. She is always researching and finding the latest fashion trends…
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