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Canada Goose Steps Things Up With November Foray Into Footwear

Canada's Goose's new boots include the Journey hiker boot (left) and the high-top Snow Mantra boot (right).
Canada’s Goose’s new boots include the Journey hiker boot (left) and the high-top Snow Mantra boot (right). Canada Goose

As the cold rolls into the Northern Hemisphere, Toronto’s Canada Goose has got you covered — now from head to toe. Come November, the ubiquitous purveyors of fur-trimmed puffer coats have announced they will now be featuring luxury footwear. The boots will be released just in time for the arrival of slushy sidewalks and snowy streets in the maple state.

The boots will be the third new line in Canada Goose’s campaign to extend winter wear beyond the parka, kicking off some four years ago with knitwear in 2017. In 2020, fleece jackets and hoodies arrived on the scene. Today, CEO Dani Reiss reported that this new apparel alone is expected to exceed $45 million in sales this fiscal year. The success of venturing “Beyond the Parka” is credited to a step-by-step expansion into adjacent weather wear that lives up to the brand’s standards. 

“Part of the success of the Canada Goose brand is keeping it pure from the start,” Reiss told Forbes. “We started with the best outerwear and warmest jackets in the world and expanded out into other categories.”

Goose’s mission to wrap wearers in the best that winter’s worst can throw at its gear also aligned with its 2018 purchase of Canadian footwear label Baffin. Not only did the outerwear purveyor purchase Baffin, they sought to learn from the footwear maker. 

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Rather than just slap a Canada Goose logo on a pair of Baffin boots, its innovation team applied a brand-centric process to the new footwear line. Baffin even continues to operate as a standalone company. This slow approach aligns with the high-end weather wear’s product philosophy, Reiss explained.

“With footwear, we are following the same playbook of starting small, taking our time to design the absolutely best product and launching the product in a thoughtful way.”

Post November’s boot launch, Canada Goose will achieve full lifestyle brand status. Customers will be able to dress head-to-toe in the brand’s hi-tech fashion. Goose further asserts that the all-weather boots are completely waterproof and packed with high-tech performance attributes.

The well-heeled boots won’t be cheap in construction or in cost, however.  Canada Goose plans to retail the white high-top Snow Mantra boot for $1,295 and the versatile, all-terrain Journey hiker boot for $750 for both men and women. 

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