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Review: Bruno Magli Angiolini dress boots are the perfect bridge between dress and casual

Pick up Bruno Magli dress boots that go with jeans and more

Bruno Magli Angiolino dress boots
Mark D. McKee / The Manual / Bruno Magli

Every man needs a good pair of boots. Of course, there are rugged boots, men’s chukka boots, and dress boots. There are lace-ups, Chelseas, and tons more. But rarely do you come across a pair of boots that bridges the gap between the perfect version of multiple variations. Enter the Bruno Magli Angiolini.

Made from hand-burnished Italian calf leather with a Blake-stitched construction, the Angiolini is made for flexibility and comfort. These are classified as quality dress boots, but they could do the impossible and slip seamlessly between every look you can come up with. These are versatile Bruno Magli shoes to be the absolute MVP in your footwear wardrobe.

Bruno Magli Angiolino Dress Boot
Mark D. McKee / The Manual / Bruno Magli

Perfect for dress situations

Good dress boots are meant to take the place of run-of-the-mill dress shoes, adding a level of sophistication to any outfit. While they look the best with suits, these men’s dress books work exceptionally well with slim-fit chinos and sports coats.

The Angiolini is the perfect dress boot for everything from your charcoal suit for the office to the sport coat and chinos that you wear to the office. The light brown contrasts perfectly with navy and bright blue suits, making them the number one shoe you will reach for whether you’re going to the office or presenting to a conference room of coworkers.

Bruno Magli Angiolino dress boots
Mark D. McKee / The Manual / Bruno Magli

Perfect for casual situations

Of course, good bridge boots wouldn’t simply look good with a suit or sport coat and chinos; they also have to look amazing off the clock as well. The Angiolini dresses up a pair of dress denim pants to make them the number one choice for the first date, whether you are meeting at the restaurant or walking in a park.

If you are somewhere in between the jeans and the suit, the chinos and polo shirt are a perfect outfit to accompany these boots. The shortest way to say it is that the Angiolini should be the first boot you reach for on every occasion that isn’t hiking.

Bruno Magli Angiolino dress boots
Mark D. McKee / The Manual / Bruno Magli

Perfect for travel

Need more convincing that the Bruno Magli Angiolini is the most versatile boot in your closet? These are the perfect shoes to wear to the airport and travel. When you fly, you should dress for the possibility that you could meet someone important. That doesn’t mean you should be in a full suit and tie, but dark dress denim and a sport coat, just in case. You never know who you’re going to meet.

The downside of wearing that kind of ensemble to the airport is the arduous task of removing the shoes in security. Because these boots are dress boots, casual boots, and Chelsea boots, they lend themselves perfectly to travel. The convenient zipper on the inside of both ankles helps them slide off and on, making security a breeze.

A lot goes into curating the perfect men’s shoe collection — the Angiolini from Bruno Magli makes the process as close to automatic as it can get.

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