Boardroom to Backcountry: Lululemon Men

Lululemon Men
It used to be that if you wanted to dress for the outdoors, you’d be clad in spandex and any horrible combination of obnoxious neon colors. Lucky for most of us, technical fabrics graduated out of the 80s and 90s. However, most days it’s still easy to spot the guy in the office sporting hiking pants and a wicking t-shirt, like he just got off the Appalachian Trail. That all changed this year when Lululemon launched their first serious men’s specific line. This isn’t just stretchy yoga pants and gym clothes. Featuring the same great technical fabrics Lululemon is known for, the men’s line up has you covered from the office to the gym or trail and everywhere in between.

Our favorite feature that is built into almost all of the “Sweat” workout gear is the use of Lululemon’s Silverescent fabric technology. Bonding metallic silver particles directly to the fibers gives shirts like the Metal Vent Tech not only anti-stink and moisture wicking properties, but aids in body temperature regulation. The best part? Because it’s part of the fabric itself and not a coating, shirts and shorts made with Silverescent won’t wash our wear out, extending the life of your favorite gym or hiking shirt.

Not everything is made for days getting sweaty at your crossfit workout though. For a casual day at the office followed by sneaking out early for some time on the trail or exploring town, the “No Sweat” line up features pieces that are just as technical as anything you’ll find from serious outdoors focused brands, but with an sleek, urban twist. Shirts like the Mission Long Sleeve provide a little performance boost when you’re heading into your Monday morning conference call, and double as a technical wicking piece for the bike commute home. The best by far in this line though is the Ascent Pant. These unassuming flat front chinos provide comfort and style for everything from early morning coffee runs for a meeting with a client, to strapping on a pack and getting lost in the woods for a few hours. The Ascent fabric is smooth and stain and abrasion resistant providing years of worry free wear.

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