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The Best Men’s Sweat Shorts for Cozy, Lounging Comfort All Day Long

Man wearing sweat shorts.
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If there’s one thing we know in the world of fashion, it’s that you’re probably (much like ourselves) paying a lot more attention to laidback, relaxed clothing, like sweat shorts, these days. That’s especially true if you’ve been working from home and have found yourself dressing much more comfortably than days gone by when office meetings and the 9-to-5 grind were the norm. This athleisure staple sits right in the sweet spot as far as cozy comfort and performance is concerned, too.

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Sure, you can absolutely wear sweat shorts for your daily workouts, but you’ve probably been rocking ’em much more frequently on the couch, coffee in hand and Netflix on (or muted on a Zoom call). The pairs we like the best use both performance fabrics and sustainable materials, and they check all the right boxes, including a stretch waistband and a fit that hits above the knee. You get range of movement, laidback luxury, and a bit of casually cool style all wrapped up in one package. You can even wear some of our favorite pairs out of the house. Start shopping now.

Best Overall Sweat Shorts: American Giant Sweatshorts 

American Giant Sweatshorts
American Giant

Fabric is the dividing line as far as your shorts are concerned. With sweat shorts, you’re ditching fabrics like traditional cotton canvas in place of soft French Terry cotton, the kind that American Giant uses to great effect here. These are American-made, reasonably priced and built to last. Wear them to the gym or at home, and they’ll perform superbly either way.

Best Active Sweat Shorts: Vuori Ponto Shorts

Vuori Ponto Shorts

Here’s the thing with this style of short: Eventually, you’re going to want to take on some active pursuits, from a gym session to a day hike. When all is said and done, you want sweat shorts that can wick away moisture, perform well, and under pressure and fit comfortably. Vuori has you covered, to say the least.

Best Retro Sweat Shorts: Adidas Originals Sport Foundation Sweatshorts

Adidas Originals Sport Foundation Sweatshorts

The three stripes of Adidas signify sporty performance and just a touch of retro style, which makes them a reliable pick for all-day wear at the gym or on the couch. The colorful interpretation of the three stripes is a way to shake up a monochrome gym-going look, too. Not bad at all, to say the very least.

Best All-Day Sweat Shorts: Paper Projects NY All Day Clean Sweatshorts

Paper Project All Day Sweatshorts
Paper Project

Sure, it’s right in the name, but there’s plenty that makes these Paper Projects NY Clean Sweatshorts worthy of praise (and consistent wear, that is). They’re made with proprietary antimicrobial fabric designed to keep you comfortable and fresh, and they’re also sweat-proof. They’ll work well no matter how you decide to wear ’em.

Best Affordable Sweat Shorts: Uniqlo Dry Stretch Easy Shorts

Uniqlo Dry Stretch Easy Shorts

Uniqlo has long been a source for affordable basics for men across the board, and that extends to casual gear, too. These aptly named shorts feature stretch fabric and a clean design that means you can wear them with everything from a polo to a slub cotton t-shirt for laidback comfort.

Most Versatile Sweat Shorts: Public Rec All Day Every Day Sweatshorts

Public Rec All Day Every Day Sweatshorts

Each of these pairs on this list are pretty versatile and suited for anything, but it’s Public Rec’s pair that stands out when it comes to sweat shorts you can wear out of the house, to the golf course, on the trail, and back. They’re made with a nylon-spandex blend for all kinds of comfort, stretch and durability.

Other Sweatshorts We Love

Marine Layer Box Waffle Shorts

Marine Layer Box Waffle Shorts
Stitch Fix

You don’t often find a waffle weave fabric, the kind commonly seen in thermal shirts and henleys, in sweat shorts, and that’s why we appreciate this supremely comfortable and easygoing pair from Marine Layer. They’re even cool enough to wear with a comfortable graphic t-shirt for a weekend coffee run.

Everlane ReNew Air Shorts

Everlane ReNew Air Shorts

These Everlane shorts are almost too good to be true: Light as air, made sustainably and with transparency in mind, and able to be worn with an Everlane t-shirt or crewneck sweatshirt, no questions asked. We love the Heathered Green Opal color as a change of pace for weekend lounging.

Reigning Champ Sweatshorts

Reigning Champ Sweatshorts
Reigning Champ

Reigning Champ has mastered the art of making durable, high-quality athletic gear that pays homage to old-school sporting styles. These sweatshorts are a prime example of that approach, and you can wear them for workouts or leisurely weekend coffee runs, no questions asked.

Bonobos Lightweight Sweatshorts

Bonobos Lightweight Sweatshorts

When it comes time to change out of your Bonobos chinos, these shorts are as vibrant and well-made an option for stylish relaxation as it gets. Wear them with a Bonobos pocket tee through all your days and nights at home.

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