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Look Dapper, Not Drenched, in Head-to-Toe Stutterheim Rainwear

You’re not alone if you find yourself desperately needing good rainwear. The past year has been the wettest 12-month period in recorded U.S. history (May 2018 through April 2019) and the drizzle hasn’t let up this summer. Wearing regular clothes in the rain is a soggy recipe for a bad time, so we’re doing the only logical thing: draping ourselves head-to-toe in Stutterheim, arguably some of the best rainwear on the planet.

Alexander Stutterheim
Alexander Stutterheim, Founder Stutterheim

Born on the small island of Arholma in the Stockholm, Sweden archipelago (where the rain is heaviest spring and summer), Alexander Stutterheim founded his rainwear company after finding his grandpa’s vintage fisherman’s raincoat. The piece was still as durable and heavy as the day it was created. This heritage coat inspired Stutterheim’s quality and aesthetic. Today, the company is known for its killer collabs and modern panache.

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Apart from pants, here’s how to deck yourself out for storms ahead.

Stutterheim Unisex Ostermalm Zip Raincoat
Stutterheim Unisex Raincoat

The single most important piece of rainwear in your closet needs to be this Ostermalm Zip Raincoat. Based on the best-selling style, the “Stockholm,” Alexander Stutterheim personally added extra length to cover your rear from monsoons (literally, the raincoat is knee-length). Swapping snap buttons for a two-way AQUAzip Italian zipper, the Ostermalm is invincible. It’s a great year-round coat thanks to its lightweight materials and characteristic rubberized cotton. If you’re between sizes, size down because the fit is roomy and straight. Looking for a splash of color? Pick a red or white zipper. Consider this the last rain jacket you’ll ever need. It will always look cool. Jay-Z wears Stutterheim, so …

Stutterheim Unisex Norrviken Knitted Turtleneck
 Unisex Norrviken Knitted Turtleneck Off White

Major Swedish vibes. The Norrviken Turtleneck is the first product released in The Private Designs line, recently launched as a higher-quality, best-of capsule hand-designed by the founder of Stutterheim himself. This chunky weave is hand-knitted using a crazy luxurious Japanese wool and camel hair mix. It boasts a soft-as-butter hand-feel that’s perfect for a day of sailing through light rain.

Stutterheim Gryby Lining Vest
Gryby Lining Vest Green Willow

Layer up or wear on its own, the Gryby Vest is a lining made to work as a thermal protectant when the rain gets real cold and real mean. Once again, the fit is unisex, which ensures the style is flattering while still being comfortable. You can pack it as a just-in-case layer to sport under your raincoat or rock the vest on its own during a camping weekend — the fabric is water-resistant with a solid high collar. Here are our favorite tips for camping in the rain.

Stutterheim Chelsea Rainwalker Rain Boot
Chelsea Rainwalker Rain Boot Black/Black

These boots are made for walking in rain puddles. And mud. And anything that gets messy when precipitation hits. The silhouette is inspired by a Chelsea, with a punchy ribber stripe on the bottom that can be ordered in a ton of fun pastel colors or black-on-black. Made by hand from natural rubber, the Chelsea Rainwalker is amazingly flexible for a rain boot (nothing like stiff galoshes) and will conform to your feet the more you wear and splash. You’ll dig the 100% cotton liner for added comfort. The Rainwalkers are hyper elegant while still being tactical and rugged. We’ll have three, thank you.

Stutterheim Norsjo Water Repellent Backpack
norsjo black backpack

Ride your bike in the mist, stomp through the city during a downpour, then jump into a coffee shop and pull your book out of the Stutterheim Norsjo. This rolltop backpack is made of water-repellent nylon and closes with an extra-protecting aqua zip. Buckle up for more safety from the rain with an adjustable band. A super spacious main compartment is flanked by a padded laptop pocket and two smaller pockets. Design-wise, rubberized detailing adds a contrast of color without painting the whole pack red. We like the bold Stutterheim logo because we’re waiting for someone to ask about our gear.

With these five staple pieces, you’ll never need an umbrella or bucket hat, although Stutterheim makes both if you want to be extra. Dry.

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