The Best Men’s Watch Gift Guide: Save Time This Holiday Season

A proper timepiece has the uncanny ability to tie an entire outfit together and exude style, class, and elegance in one (sometimes) tiny package.

From big brands like Omega to smaller start-ups like Washington Square Watches, the available variety of watches is nearly endless and sifting through the sea of options can leave your head spinning. To help relieve a bit of the stress related to holiday shopping, we’ve hand-picked a few of our favorite watches for men that are sure to delight any man’s wrist this season.

The Best Men’s Watches for Holiday Gifting

Fossil Commuter – $94
best mens watch gift guide fossil commuter 2018

The black-on-brown look of Fossil’s Commuter watch means it can blend into any outfit seamlessly. It’s also water-resistant, so a little rain on your ride to work won’t cause a breakdown, giving this watch true commuting cache.

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Wolfpoint Hampden – $135
best mens watch gift guide wolfpoint hampden 2018

Wolfpoint’s Hampden watch is minimalism made real with its lack of numbers, monochromatic color scheme, and simple stainless steel band. Neutral in color and style, this particularly timepiece can be worn with almost any outfit without a second thought.

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MVMT Blacktop Nude – $195
best mens watch gift guide mvmt blacktop nude

MVMT’s Blacktop Nude watch sports a stunning brushed taupe stainless steel case with matching linked band, contrasting second and chronograph hands, and a circular calendar window. Put these features together and you get a unique, but modern watch fit for any fashionisto.

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Timex Marlin – $199
best mens watch gift guide timex marlin 2018 1

If vintage is more your flavor, Timex’s throwback Marlin watch plants itself styling firmly in the past with a faux-alligator-skin leather strap, art nouveau numerals, and an off-white dial that indicates age without wear.

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Linjer The Minimalist – $211
best mens watch gift guide linjer minimalist 2018

Linjer’s The Minimalist really does live up to its name. This timepiece is sort of the platonic ideal of “watch.” Simple, attractive, dignified, it tells the time, the date, and looks good while doing it. What more could a man ask for?

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Washington Square Bond Gold – $225
best mens watch gift guide washington square bond gold 2018

Blue and gold are a hard combination to beat and Washington Square Watches seem to recognize that with its Bond Gold watch. Featuring a 24-hour chronograph with minute and second timers, a date window, and thin gold lines in place of numbering, this watch is the perfect blend of classic and bold styling. The square face — get it, Washington Square — also sets this timepiece apart from its round rivals.

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Official Hawaii Lifeguard Association Dive Watch – $250
best mens watch gift guide hawaii lifeguard association 2018

This is the actual watch used by members of the Hawaii Lifeguard Association and, in fact, it was field tested by the lifeguards themselves. Totally waterproof up to 200 meters and fit for any water activity you can think of, the HLA dive watch is rugged, dependable, and more importantly, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, even though it is worn by men and women dedicated to saving lives.

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Undone Urban Vintage Skipper – $265
best mens watch gift guide urban vintage skipper 2018 1

Reminiscent of a vintage racing watch, Undone’s Urban Vintage Skipper is a big boy, clocking in at 40 mm, but the huge face is terrific for this timepiece since it’s large enough to fit all the requirements for a regular watch, but also the addition of a couple of chronographic co-workers in the form of second and minute monitors. The addition of the red and blue provide the perfect pop of color that prevents this watch from being bland and boring.

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About Vintage 1815 Chronograph – $349
best mens watch gift guide about vintage 1815 chronograph 2018

We imagine About Vintage’s 1815 chrono as being the type of watch that a wealthy Euro aristocrat would wear while racing his Maserati around Monaco. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an aristocrat to afford this sleek, minimalist, blue, white, and brown masterpiece.

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Baume Retrograde – $630
best mens watch gift guide baume custom 2018 1

The watch strap is vegan black cork. The case is black stainless steel. And the movement is retrograde. But unlike Mercury, this watch isn’t about the bad luck, but it is all about the black. We love the black-on-black look and we love the day of the week sweep-hand much better than a typical calendar window.

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Autodromo Stradale – $875
best mens watch gift guide autodromo stradale 2018

Racing history forms the backbone of most Autodromo watches and the Stradale is no exception. Designed to mimic racing dials in Italian speedsters in the ’50s and ’60s, the Stradale straddles the line between vintage and mod and manages to keep all four wheels on the pavement.

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Shinola Canfield Sport – $1,000
best mens watch gift guide shinola canfield black on 2018 final

What is a watch gift guide without something from American watchmaker Shinola? This particular Canfield Sport offers a black-on-black on black design with all the bells and whistles that make chronographs such useful timepieces.

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Fugue Chronostase Vintage – $1,530
best mens watch gift guide fugue vintage 2018

With Fugue’s Chromostase we have stepped firmly into luxury watch territory (with a price tag to match). This is beautiful navy blue baby with a leather strap, Swiss automatic movement, and semi-retro styling that mixes 60s case design with more modern numerals. Wear to the tennis club for a sporty feel or pair with a blue blazer to dress it up.

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Bravur Geography – $1,650
best mens watch gift guide bravur geography 2018 1

Another blue option, Bravur’s Geography watch is a dashingly good-looking machine made with a stainless steel solid case, a Swiss automatic movement with dual time zones, and Swedish craftsmanship. The refined aesthetic makes this timepiece great for wearing with more formal options like black suits or tuxedos, but don’t be afraid to bust it out just for fun. That’s what it’s for, right?

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Panerai Radiomir – $10,700
best mens watch gift guide panerai radiomir 2018 1

We’ve seen a few black on black options, so with the Panerai Radiomir, we’re toning down the edginess and looking a little more at ease with this brown and goldish-tan number. If you’re lucky enough to have someone give this to you, it might be appropriate to literally kiss the ground they walk on.

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Omega De Ville – $33,200
best mens watch gift guide omega deville 2018 1

And finally, we come to the Omega De Ville. With a price of $33,000, let’s just say not many men are waking up to this watch under the Christmas tree. Those who do are the luckiest sons of bitches on the planet because they just got an 18k red-gold wristwatch with the same gold used for the hour indexes. A Swiss Omega movement lives under the face and is visible through the transparent case-back. If you happen to own this watch, wear it wherever the damn well you please with whatever you want. You’ve earned it.

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For other great watch options, check out our favorites under $500 and the best under $1,000.

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