The Best Men’s Short-Sleeve Button-Downs Shirts Raise the Bar

You like collars and buttons but hate sleeves? Not a problem. The short-sleeve button-down has jumped around from decade to decade, never missing a button. They have found their way to big business meetings, they’re always comfortable around the beach, and when the invite says “casual attire,” say hello short-sleeve with buttons. It’s the perfect year-round shirt because it shows you put a little more effort into your appearance than a T-shirt. The best men’s short-sleeve button-down shirts are a must for the summer months and need to occupy your closet.

Flylow Phil A Shirt

Flylow Gear Phil A Shirt

Off the hanger or the floor, the Flylow Gear Phil A Shirt is a versatile button-down. It comes ready for an adventure with a single chest pocket, wooden buttons and quick-dry fabric, and, best of all, it’s wrinkle-resistant. The Phil A is perfect for the trail, a Sunday boat cruise, or for tossing a few back at the barbecue. If for some reason you need to tuck it, the Phil A shines with a big ole’ belt buckle.

La Paz Castro

La Paz Castro

Formulated to be a hybrid of a shirt and a jacket — a shacket if you will — the La Paz Castro sets the tone for summer nights on the town. Stitched in Portugal with two patch-style hand pockets and a welt chest pocket, the Castro raises the temperature on your appearance while keeping your core temp nice and cool. It’s 100% cotton and 100% spectacular.

Mollusk Summer Shirt

Mollusk Summer Shirt

The Mollusk Summer Shirt is so much more than any other invertebrate. The 50/50 cotton-linen construction is lightweight, incredibly soft, and breathable. It’s perfect for the laziness of summer, especially after a spineless horseshoes performance at Bob and Tina’s backyard bash. The Summer Shirt is so laid back it will show onlookers you have everything under control, even when life hits the fan.

Mizzen+Main Meadows Shirt

Mizzen+Main Meadows Shirt

Where short-sleeve button-downs are great for summer, a floral-print short-sleeve button-down screams summer. The Mizzen+Main Meadows Shirt is wrinkle-resistant, stitched with quick-dry fabrics, has a single chest pocket, and looks oh so good. Casually with denim or paired with a blazer, the Meadows Shirt will have some asking where you got it and others asking for your number. It’s a simple, look good-feel good shirt.

All Saints Huntingdon Shirt

All Saints Huntingdon Shirt

The All Saints Huntingdon Shirt is 100% midweight cotton, making it ideal for moonlit adventures. Its minimalist design with a concealed collar makes it the perfect shirt to button up or button down. The Huntingdon has a slim fit and with an embroidered ram skull sitting over your heart no one will question the hide on your back.

ASOS Design Grandad Collar Shirt

ASOS Design Shirt Grandad Collar

It may have a grandad collar, but the ASOS Design Shirt is certainly not your grandad’s button-down. Its textured linen fabric makes it light, airy, and optimal for the sweltering days where the sun hovers overhead. It has a single chest pocket and well-positioned stitch lines on the shoulders and upper back that add subtle flair to a simple design. Even without a collar, this shirt still has plenty of pop.

Shouthouse Le Brea Shirt

Shouthouse Le Brea

The Shouthouse Le Brea is crisp, patterned, and has a little trick hiding up its short sleeves. The single patch pocket on the chest is almost hidden in the pattern, and when you and Jim show up to the soiree wearing the same Le Brea, it’s rock, paper, scissors to decide who rolls up the contrasting cuffs. Throw it on for Thursday’s business lunch or Sunday’s game with beers in hand.

Iron and Resin Tehachapi Shirt

Iron & Resin Tehachapi Shirt

Made in the United States, the Iron and Resin Tehachapi Shirt gives the nod to a classic style with modern highlights. It has antique metal buttons, two chest pockets, and a serape striped shoulder yoke that adds hints of the Southwest to a tailored fit. Whether you have a cattle drive or happy hour to get to, the Tehachapi Shirt will rise to the occasion one button at a time.

One button, two button, three button, four — button none or button them all. Wear your short-sleeve button-down to the office, the park, on the trail, and even to the ball. Wear it up, wear it down, wear it through spring, summer, and fall. And when the day comes to end, rest assured you’ve set the trend.

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