7 Shirts You Can Wear on the Trail and to the Office

Mission Workshop Hayes

There’s a reason we don’t wear long-sleeve collared shirts every day. They’re uncomfortable. They don’t breathe and wick moisture well. They don’t regulate temperature. They stink after a hard day. So we chuck those stuffy clothes and throw on some sweats or gym garb as soon as we can.

But does it have to be that way? It’s 2019 and we’re building space ships to go to Mars, but you’re telling me there’s still no breathable, comfortable shirt that won’t stink to go to the office in? Well, these companies are working to change that. Here are the best men’s shirts that work on the trail and in the office.

Cuts Clothing Long-Sleeve Henley Elongated

Cuts Long-Sleeve Henley Elongated

Cuts Clothing has taken the t-shirt and given it a makeover. The customizable result can be worn to work, the game, or a date, all in the same day if you need. The long-sleeve style has multiple cuts: regular, elongated, and split. Regular is the standard flat bottom, elongated has a long front and back with a dip on the sides, and split has a cut up the side and a slightly shorter front than back. The ridiculously soft fabric breathes and holds its color well. Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low, and you’re ready for anything. For inspiration on how it should be worn look at the brand’s collab with traveler, filmmaker, and musician Matt Komo.

Ridge Merino Journey Tee

Ridge Merino Journey Tee

Every man needs a solid Merino tee (0r five) in their collection. Naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, and odor-controlling, Merino wool is Nature’s wonder material. Ridge has taken ultra-fine, 17.5-micron wool and created the perfect slim-fit T-shirt for travel, work, hiking, or anything else you can throw at it. he fit is slim and a bit longer than normal shirts. The (m)Force tech wraps the merino around a nylon core for extra durability. The shirt is UPF 20+ if you’re trying to get out of the sun.

Woolly Clothing Polo

Woolly Clothing Polo

T-shirts just won’t fly in some offices but often a collar is all we need. The ultra-fine, 17.5-micron, Australian wool in this polo is so light you’d think it should be see-through (it’s not). The Merino will keep you dry and cool in the boardroom or all day on the plane. Flatlock seams make sure there’s no chafing. Started by three folks from Seattle, Woolly tests everything they make in Washington’s Cascade Mountains and the San Juan Islands.

Lululemon Down to the Wire Shirt

Lululemon Down to the Wire Shirt

Even a polo might not cut it sometimes. When a full, long-sleeve button-up shirt is required, this Lululemon piece is one of the best. The brand’s ‘Technical Cotton’ is coated with zinc pyrithion, killing any odor-causing bacteria before it can ruin that business deal or promising first date. Lycra is blended in to hold up the shape and keep those pecs looking good. The fit is slim in the body and in the arms, so larger guys should look for a different fit in the arms.

Mission Workshop Hayes

best mens work shirts trail office mission workshop hayes

Volcanic rock is a desiccant, which means it can absorb moisture out of the air. The tech built into the Mission Workshop Hayes shirt is also a desiccant; 37.5 fabrics (more on that here) pull moisture from your body before it ever becomes liquid sweat, regulating temperature and keeping your shirt dry even in the most critical meetings. Easy to dress up and down, the Hayes can go anywhere. The shirts are made in small batches in New York.

Western Rise Limitless Merino Wool Shirt

best mens work shirts trail office western rise limitless merino

A combination of high-performance fabric and a collared style, the Limitless Merino long-sleeve from Western Rise is perfect for any transition. The custom blend of 53% Merino and 47% polyester keeps you dry all day; Merino controls odor while the polyester wicks any amount of moisture you can throw at it. It insulates in the winter and breathes in the summer. It’s also easy to machine wash and wrinkle resistant.

ArchiTec Apparel Livingstone Wax Overshirt

best mens work shirts trail office architec apparel livingstone wax overshirt

The Livingstone Wax Overshirt from ArchiTec isn’t the standard shirt you’d wear to the office. Using a Scottish Made Halley Stevenson waxed canvas, the Livingstone is waterproof and breathable, ready for work or a bushwhack up a mountain. The canvas is super durable and easy to wax when the original application eventually wears off. Keep it waxed and you might have an adventure shirt that looks good for decades that would make Explorer David Livingstone proud.

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