Five Summer Travel Bags You Need Right Now

summer travel bags

Summer’s not over just yet. There’s still time to snag that perfect daypack or versatile duffel for this season’s travels. Here are five of our favorite summer travel bags that are worth a look.

For Minimalists

The One Bag (by Pakt), Price TBD

Malcolm Fontier has long been known for chic, versatile bags that work just as well on the trails, on the streets, or at the office. When their Getaway duffel-suitcase hybrid was recently featured in the popular Minimalism documentary, minimalist travelers rallied to find out where they could get one of their own. Sadly, the bag was discontinued years ago. But, the film’s creators, Josh and Ryan, approached Malcolm Fontier with a keen interest in resurrecting it. In the Fall of 2017, a new and improved version of the bag will relaunch under the name Pakt One via Kickstarter. The goal is to produce a bag whose materials, packaging, and overall production process minimizes environmental impact as much as possible.

For Urbanites

Spencer The Heights (by STATE Bags), $155

Spencer The Heights, by STATE Bags

Every product in the catalog of STATE Bags features a classic, pseudo-vintage silhouette with materials that exude a subtle, modern urban edge. Spencer The Heights is a mashup of an oversized brown lunch sack, a beach cooler, and a backpack. At just 18” x 13.5” x 5.5”, it’s large enough to pack everything you need and nothing you don’t for a day of exploring. The foldover, speed clip top closure ensures the contents are always within reach. The exterior pocket is capacious enough for a laptop and webbing straps provide a comfortable all-day fit.

For Indecisive Packers

The Adjustable Bag (by Piorama), $149

The AdThe Adjustable Bag (by Piorama)

If you’re the sort of packer who can never quite decide what or how much to bring on your next trip, Piorama’s Adjustable Bag is every bag you might need in one. For extended travel, a duffel bag hardly seems like the ideal alternative (if you’ve ever tried lugging one through multiple airports on a 30-hour travel day, you know what I’m talking about). But the aptly named Adjustable Bag is designed to be all things to all travelers. Compression cinches on either end allow it to contract and expand as necessary, from 31L to 46.5L to 62L and back again. Plus, it’s carryable at every size via the shoulder straps, handles, or backpack straps. Plus, the soft-sided design packs down to the size of a football for easy storage.

For Rugged Outdoorsmen

Extra Large Rolling Duffle (by Filson), $725

Extra Large Rolling Duffle, by Filson

Few brands balance timeless sophistication with rugged, nature-inspired good looks like Filson. Their simply named Extra Large Rolling Duffle is a beast of a bag in both size and construction. It’s designed for the outdoorsman who packs plenty of adventure gear but prefers to do it in style. The hybrid design allows it to be handle-carried like a traditional duffel or rolled on heavy-duty wheels when it’s fully loaded. Bridle leather reinforcements, stabilizing aluminum rails, and abrasion- and water-resistant fabrics ensure it’ll survive anything you can throw at it.

For Short-haulers

Andrews Weekend Duffel (by Ernest Alexander), $395

Andrews Weekend Duffel, by Ernest Alexander

If you’re partial to overnight and weekend trips, Ernest Alexander’s Andrews Weekend Duffel is designed to pack only what you need for the short-haul. The large interior pocket is capacious enough for a few days worth of clothes and a handful of essentials. But the bag’s biggest selling point is the zip-around shoe pocket which keeps your favorite pair of kicks quarantined away from the rest of your goods. The bag’s waxed canvas exterior is durable and adds a just-right dash of rugged, vintage-inspired style.