Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Your Man Will Genuinely Appreciate

When you think of the best Valentine’s gifts, you likely picture roses, chocolates, wine, and perhaps scanty apparel. While a gentleman can, by all means, enjoy flowers, sweets, and intimate garments, let’s be honest. Is that what anyone really wants?

So what makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for a man?

Don’t overthink this. Instead, just ask what are the best gifts for men generally, then work from there. A good gift is something he probably would not buy for himself, but will not want to be without once he has it. It’s something truly thoughtful and selected with him in mind, not just picked at random.

In other words, if something would make a great gift for your special gentleman generally, it will make a great gift on February 14th, which is really just one more occasion to let your guy know he’s your guy.

For the House


A man’s home is his castle. Get him a great gift to spruce up the keep and he’ll think of you every time he sees it. (Even if you share the royal bedchambers, so to speak.)

  • The Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame is not your grandfather’s digital photo frame. It allows for wireless (and even remote) sharing of photos and videos, it can be uploaded with numerous playlists, and it renders images in stunning HD.
  • A pair of Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Speakers will fill your gentleman’s home with rich, clear audio whether used for music, shows, gaming, or a mix of media. And they look great on the shelves, too.
  • An Aukey Table Lamp lights up at a gentle touch, shining in varying intensity levels and even in many colors. It’s perfect for the bedside, his desk, or anywhere else the home needs a subtle lamp that will brighten up the place. Literally. And figuratively.

For the Traveling Man

Give him a Valentine’s Day gift that will make his travels a breeze whether he’s on the go for work, for adventure, or perhaps to visit you.

  • Your traveling man likely already has a dopp kit, but he’ll toss it out (or donate it, rather) once he has the Ion Travel Kit from Mack Weldon. It’s handsome, durable, it makes organization easy, and it comes loaded with multiple TSA-approved bottles for his various soaps and lotions.
  • The Mark and Graham Leather Charger Roll Up makes cord management, one of the great frustrations of travel, not only easy but stylish. He’ll never struggle with tangled chaser cords or headphone wires again.
  • A Plugable Bluetooth Keyboard is only the size of a slim paperback novel when collapsed yet it unfolds into a full-sized keyboard that makes typing on his phone or tablet as easy as using any computer.

For the Home Chef

home chef cooking

If your man loves cooking, then he’ll love fine wares that make his time in the kitchen all the more of a pleasure.

  • The gorgeous handmade kitchen utensils from Juniper and Salt look lovely on display in the kitchen, work as well as any metal or silicone kitchen tools, and won’t scratch even the most delicate pots, pans, or dishes.
  • Once your chef has a Made In Non-Stick Frying Pan, he’ll never want to use any pan again. They heat quickly and evenly, the handle stays cool, and the food releases without argument. Also, they can go in the oven or dishwasher. Also, they just look great.
  • Instead of giving him something new, make something he already loves as good as new again and give the gift of knife sharpening with a gift certificate to Knife Aid. Choose a gift that will see anywhere from four to 14 blades sharpened, and all he has to do is drop them into the mail.

For the Outdoorsman

If your guy is an outdoorsy guy, chances are good that his kit is already rather complete. So treat him to a few upscale gifts that will surely replace the gear he’s already using.

  • The Klymit Drift Camping Pillow packs down small enough to fit into the bag while the rest of his gear unfolds into a nearly full-sized memory foam pillow. And even better, its soft jersey cotton case is covered by a water-resistant, durable shell that folds out and over the pillow when he’s not bedding down.
  • A Helinox Chair Zero can comfortably support a fellow weighing up to 265 pounds, yet it weighs a mere 17 ounces and, when folded up, tucks into a package smaller than a roll of paper towels.
  • One Uco Gear 6-Piece Mess Kit will replace most of a camp kitchen save for the stove, pots, and pans. The kit contains a spoon and knife combo, a fork, a collapsible mug, and two plates that can be lashed together and sealed with a rubber gasket, containing the mess or keeping leftovers ready for later snacking.

For the Reader

man with glasses reading

A great book is a great gift on any occasion, including this one. Give the gift of words.

  • There’s a reason schools have been assigning The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction for decades: The book is packed with some of the best writing of all time. This eighth edition contains classics, newer works, and insightful commentary, as well.
  • If your literary gent loves reading about some of the most interesting and impactful people around, then he’ll tear through the pages of Life Stories: Profiles from The New Yorker. Provided he has some free time, of course.
  • The Photo Ark proves that coffee table books need not be boring. If your guy loves animals, great photography, and Han Solo, this one is sure to be a hit. (Han Solo, you ask? Harrison Ford wrote the forward.)

For the Well-Dressed Gentleman

Style is always in fashion, whether it’s February 14 or any other day of the year.

  • A dress shirt from Bonobos manages to look professional yet in style at the same time, and most Bonobos dress shirts come in three different fits, so your working man will be a handsome professional no matter his body type.
  • For those more casual occasions where your guy still needs to look semi business-ready (es, AKA business casual), Taylrd makes long-sleeve button-downs in patterns ranging from stripes to checkers to solids and beyond, and most are surprisingly affordable.
  • And when it’s time for him to go full casual but still look great, there’s the Buck Mason Field-Spec Cotton Surplus Crew, which would have been as in style in the 1940s as it is today.

For the Watch Collector

man wearing watch

A man will use a fine watch almost every day of the year, and he’ll remember who gave it to him almost every time he checks it.

  • Filippo Loreti offers fine-looking watches at surprisingly good prices, and in enough variety where you’ll find a watch for any gent. (Or for any lady, by the way.) From bold and colorful faces and bands to classic, more subtle chronometers, they have your guy covered.
  • If you’re ready to send a bit more but not break the bank on a Valentine’s Day gift watch, then check out the timeless pieces from William Wood. Whether you choose a leather or metal band, the watches will be in style indefinitely.
  • And if he’s the outdoors and fitness type, go with a versatile yet affordable smartwatch like the Naturehike Smart Watch that tracks altitude, location, heart rate, and more.

For the Art Lover

If your guy has an eye for art, then help make his home or office easier on the eye with a new piece of fine decor.

  • Society6 offers hundreds of different works of art, from framed prints to unframed posters to wall hangings and tapestries, and most look much pricier than they are.
  • If you want to give a genuine original work of art, be it a hand-painted oil or acrylic, a drawing, or even a piece of sculpture, check out UGallery, which features works ranging from the low hundreds well into the thousands.
  • And if budget isn’t much of an issue, shop the original art from Tappan Collective, were plenty of pieces are in the hundreds, but many more cost north of $5,000.

For Self Care

A man who takes the best care of himself will also take great care of others, so help him feel his best with a few more intimate gift ideas.

  • A Saint Sunday bathrobe may be the last robe your man ever owns. Assuming he replaces it with another when it wears out, that is, which he likely will. Aside from general comfort, large pockets, and elegantly simple styling, it features hidden buttons that ensure the robe stays closed even if the belt comes unknotted.
  • Hawthorne makes men’s hair and skincare products that are tailored to the individual. If you know your guy well enough to complete a quiz about his skin and hair type, you just may be able to get him the best personal care products he has ever used.
  • Got a bearded man in your life? Help him tame, train, and overall enjoy his manly facial hair better with beard balm (or oil) from The Roosevelts Beard Company.

Just for Fun

Men of all ages like things that are just for fun, AKA toys. (Women also appreciate these things called toys, FYI.) So let’s stop adulting for a moment.

  • The Sega Genesis Mini will have your man mashing those three buttons with delight as he relives 40-plus classic games (or discovers them for the first time). And yes, Sonic is included.
  • The Tenalach Night and Day Croquet set means fun all morning, afternoon, and well into the evening (just as soon as the weather warms up) thanks to this well-made croquet set’s LED-lit balls and wickets.
  • Board games are always a good gift, especially those that can be played by a couple or a group. Civilization: A New Dawn is for two to four players and will be a hit both with gamers who loved the Civilization video game and with anyone who enjoys a good board game in general.

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