From the Heart: 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys

valentine's day gifts for guys linjer classic

Buying gifts for men for Valentine’s Day is a little more difficult than buying for women. Wait, before you cry sexism, hear us out!

With women, tradition dictates that flowers, chocolates, and jewelry be given as a symbol of love on this most heartfelt of holidays. For men who could care less about a bouquet of roses, a ring, or some bad chocolates, you could find yourself in a gift-giving conundrum. Rather than scramble for a mediocre gift that he’ll only half-like, we put together this list of 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for guys that should make any dude very happy. Feel free to forward this to your significant other.

Bull & Stash The Market Journal – $45

valentine's day gifts for guys bull and stash

If your guy is the strong, silent type, encourage him to open up a little more by writing down his thoughts in this luxe leather notebook. It offers refillable pages, a pen holder, a magnetic closure, and interior pockets (where you can hide a few sweet nothings you’ve written).

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CDLP Boxer Briefs – $29

valentine's day gifts for guys cdlp briefs

Every man loves a new pair of underwear, so why not get him the best? These boxer briefs from Swedish CDLP are made from somenewfangled fabric that’s softer than cotton and smoother than silk. They also keep the goods nicely in place without being constrictive.

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Google Home Mini – $39

valentines day gifts for guys tm google home mini lifestyle

Dan Baker/The Manual

Aside from the mildly creepy big-brother-slash-HAL vibe, Google’s Home Mini is a powerful little digital helper that can set a timer, read your guy his schedule for the day, play his favorite Spotify playlist, and even tell him she loves him (during those times you won’t).

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Linjer Classic Watch – $250

valentine's day gifts for guys linjer classic

Simple, refined, and gentlemanly, The Classic Watch from Linjer is a beautiful timepiece at an unreasonably good price. Give your guy the gift of style for Valentine’s Day this year. It might just be the nudge he needs to revamp his whole wardrobe.

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Fourlaps Bolt Short – $68

valentine's day gifts for guys four laps bolt

If your guy is a runner, cross-fitter, or any other type of athlete, Fourlaps’ Bolt short might just be his new favorite piece of workout wear. With four-way stretch, moisture-wicking properties, and an interior liner, these bad boys will keep his in place during the longest of jogs around the park.

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Tivoli Audio Model One Digital Radio –$300

valentine's day gifts for guys tivoli audio model one

For the music lover (or talk radio junkie) out there, the Tivoli Model One Digital is a perfect gift thanks to its mix of retro cool with modern functionality. It’s not just a radio, of course — it’s also Bluetooth compatible and features built-in Wi-Fi.

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Pig of the Month Bacon Subscription – $119

valentines day gifts for guys bacon of the month 6 months 5bfa69a9 bf6e 4734 9636 d25b698de2b5 1024x1024

The old adage, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is completely accurate when the food involved is bacon. This three-month subscription box from Pig of the Month offers a huge range of bacon flavors for your guy to go glutton on.

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Rhone Commuter Shirt – $108

valentine's day gifts for guys rhone commuter

You might say $108 is too expensive for a shirt, but when you realize button-down features four-way stretch, lightweight fabric, and really decent wrinkle resistance, you’ll realize it’s the perfect addition to his collared collection.

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Harry’s Truman Set – $15

valentine's day gifts for guys harry's truman

A man likes a good, clean shave every once in a while and, chances are, yours doesn’t have the right gear for it. Offer this up to your man for V-Day and appreciate the lack of beard-burn.

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Bourbon & Brown Sugar Candle – $25

valentine's day gifts for guys huckberry

With 50 hours of burn in this soy candle and the sweet smell of caramelized sugar and double-oaked bourbon, the man cave you now only “endure” might start smelling like something you could “tolerate.”

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To complement your gift, you might try putting on our playlist of romantic music that isn’t too cheesy. And if you need gift ideas for her, head here.