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These Are The 5 Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World

For the majority of speed demons, motorcycles are the most affordable way to go fast. Bikes not only offer a greater sense of speed than cars, they also cost less to purchase, maintain, modify, and refuel. Shopping for a bike with a budget of $3,000 will go a ways on the used market. With that budget on the used-car market, you’ll be lucky to get something that isn’t a rust bucket.

Just like cars, motorcycles are built for a range of consumers. Exotic supercars exist, so it makes plenty of sense that there’s a world of expensive and exotic motorcycles. Consumers with deep pockets who want to go fast will find quite a few exotic bike options from which to choose. For wealthy owners wanting something with a stunning design or the fastest of the fast, money opens up the door for anything.

These are the five most expensive motorcycles for sale. Obviously, these are not good choices if you’re just learning how to ride. Instead, you’ll want to explore the best motorcycle types, but it never hurts to know what’s out there.

Arch Motorcycles KRGT-1


In addition to starring on the big screen in action-packed movies, Keanu Reeves has been busy building a motorcycle company. It’s called Arch Motorcycles and it was created by Reeves and Gard Hollinger. The goal of the company is to build motorcycles that don’t make any compromises. Performance, beauty, and bespoke components are all readily available with their creations.

Beyond looking like a rolling piece of art, each KRGT-1 features a 2,032-cc twin-cam V-twin engine (the type popularized by Harley-Davidson) that’s rated at 122 horsepower and 122 pound-feet of torque. More than 200 pieces of aerospace-grade billet aluminum keep the bike’s weight down, while a tubular steel frame and billet aluminum subframe and swingarm help with weight savings.

Every KRGT-1 is built to order and involves custom-tailored fit and finishes, and Arch Motorcycles takes roughly 90 days to build each bike.

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Suter MMX 500



The Suter brand is one that’s sure to be new for a lot of motorcycle riders. The company bears the same name as Eskil Suter, a top-class GP500 racer in the 1990s. After his racing career, the Swiss rider pivoted to manufacturing motorcycles.

The Suter MMX 500 is an incredibly rare motorcycle. The company only plans to make 99 of them. Each one comes with a two-stroke V4 that makes 195 horsepower. To get that kind of power out of the engine, you’ll have to rev the motorcycle all the way out to 13,000 rpm. While the bike’s power figure is impressive, the fact that it weighs just 280 pounds is even more ridiculous. The bike’s low weight and high horsepower give it a power-to-weight ratio of 1.44 pounds per horsepower. That puts it in an elite class of machines.

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Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter


While some companies focus on making elegant, beautiful designs, the folks at Confederate do things a little differently. While not exactly beautiful, the Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter is certainly dramatic. And it definitely looks like a motorcycle that’s ready for some sort of combat.

The G2 P51 Combat Fighter is made exclusively from 6061 billet aluminum. The materials give the motorcycle a stiff and light chassis. Those are good things, because the 2,161-cc V-twin engine produces 145 horsepower and 160 pound-feet of torque. Those are mega figures. To slow the machine down, the motorcycle features quadruple front disc brakes. They might be overkill, but like we said, this thing is ready for a fight. Lucky buyers also will find carbon-fiber wheels and a fully adjustable suspension.

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Honda RC213V-S


Honda is known for making affordable, value-packed cars like the Civic. When it comes to the world of motorcycles, Honda is known for options like the $3,400 Grom and $16,500 CBR1000RR. The automaker’s halo bike, though, exists in a different realm than its other machines.

The RC213V-S will sound familiar to MotoGP fans, as the alphanumeric is used by Honda for racing. The motorcycle is a replica of the bike that Honda uses on the racetrack and is limited to just 250 units. This bike is awfully close to the one that Marc Marquez rode when he won two MotoGP world championships.

Underneath the carbon-fiber-reinforced fairings and under-seat fuel tank sits a 999-cc V4 engine. Other go-fast goodies on the motorcycle include titanium connecting rods, Ohlins suspension, Marchesini wheels, Brembo brakes, traction control, engine brake control, and different ride modes. To fully enjoy this motorcycle, you’ll want to head to a track, as Honda claims this is the closest way for consumers to really experience a MotoGP bike.

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Ludovic Lazareth LM847


So far, the majority of motorcycles on this list look, well, like motorcycles. Two wheels, an engine underneath the rider, and fairings mean that onlookers will still recognize the machines as motorcycles. If you’re the kind of person who wants something that will make people say, “what the heck is that?” you’ll want to check out the Ludovic Lazareth LM847.

The design of the LM847 is unlike anything else in the world. The only thing that slightly resembles the LM847 is the equally insane Dodge Tomahawk. It kind of looks like a creation from a child that was told to go nuts — in the best way possible.

Instead of two wheels, the LM847 has four. It needs those to put the Maserati V8’s power down in a meaningful way. Speaking of the V8, the engine on this “bike” is rated at 470 horsepower, which is an insane amount for a motorcycle. With that kind of power, riding this would be a terrifying adventure. We’re sure that’s part of the allure of owning something like this.

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