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Indian Motorcycle Partnered With Jack Daniels on a Limited-Edition, Blacked-Out Beauty

Few things feel as quintessentially American as baseball and apple pie — except maybe Jack Daniel’s and motorcycles. It’s rarely wise to mix the latter two. For 2021, however, Indian Motorcycle has done just that with another exclusive collaboration with the legendary Tennessee distiller.

2021 Jack Daniel's Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse - Indian Motorcycle

The 2021 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse is a stealthy, blacked-out beauty befitting its two namesake brands. It’s technically based on Indian’s flagship Roadmaster Dark Horse, but with a long list of exclusive customizations. A custom Whiskey Pearl paint job and unique oakwood ceramic engine finish immediately set this bike apart. Jack Daniel’s branding on the seat and fuel tank, plus custom Gentleman Jack engraving on the floorboards, all tastefully pay homage to the iconic whiskey brand.

Technological upgrades include an all-new Pathfinder Adaptive LED headlight and LED driving lights. A ClimaCommand Rogue heated and cooled seat ensures a comfortable saddle no matter the conditions. The Limited Edition Roadmaster Dark Horse also comes with a custom Montana Silversmith badge engraved with the owner’s name and the bike’s unique production number. If you’re not the “Texas-sized belt buckle” type, it includes a wooden display case to hang on your garage wall.

Indian Motorcycle is no stranger to stunning custom bikes. In 2018, the brand paid amateur customizers $10,000 each to handcraft a one-of-a-kind bike out of a stock 2018 Indian Scout bobber. Last year, the company teamed up with Traeger Grills on an epic motorcycle with a barbecue grill sidecar that’s every bit as awesome as it sounds. This actually isn’t the first collaboration between Indian and Jack Daniel’s. They first partnered in 2016 to commemorate the distillery’s 150th anniversary with twin limited-edition versions of Indian’s Chief Vintage and Springfield models. Both models sold out almost immediately. Every year since they’ve released a new, ultra-limited, Jack Daniel’s-inspired two-wheeler.

For this latest iteration, they also partnered with South Dakota’s Klock Werks Kustom Cycles and pulled heavy inspiration from JD’s signature Gentleman Jack whiskey. In the distiller’s own words, it’s “a premier example of the legendary whiskey maker’s meticulous crafting process. A nod to the brand’s original gentleman distiller, Gentleman Jack himself, this special whiskey is double-charcoal mellowed for an exceptionally smooth finish.”

The 2021 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse stickers for $38,999. With a limited run of just 107 units, they’ll no doubt be challenging to find. 

If you’re new to the world of two-wheelers and unsure which might be right for you, get the low-down with our guide to the best motorcycle types.

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