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Indian Motorcycle has a new limited-edition, carbon fiber-laden bike starting at $18,999

Classic cool with modern flare — we love it

Left front three-quarter view of an Indian Motorcycle 2024 FTR x 100% R limited edition on a light gray floor with a dark background with pin lights
Courtesy of Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle and the 100% motocross apparel and rider equipment brand announced its collaboration in the 2024 Indian FTR x 100% R Carbon motorcycle. The top trim of Indian FTR performance bikes, the FTR x 100% R Carbon, is a limited edition, with only 400 motorcycles available worldwide, with prices starting at $18,999.

The FTR x 100% R Carbon adds 100% styling, finish elements, and additional bodywork to the premium FTR R Carbon model. A single colorway is available: Blue Candy with white stripes and the distinctive red 100% logo. A glossy white trellis frame and red accents on the wheels and chin fairing add to the visual appeal. The trellis frame is the visible structure of metal tubular segments that connect the motorcycle’s steering head with the swing arm, the section that connects to the rear wheel.

Elevated three-quarter view of the fuel tank of an Indian Motorcycle 2024 FTR x 100% R limited edition
Courtesy of Indian Motorcycle

The FTR x 100% R Carbon has a shopping list of carbon fiber parts. Carbon fiber is valued for its light weight, strength, and rigidity. The FTR x 100% R Carbon’s carbon fiber components include the gas tank, headlight nacelle, seat cowl, front fender, engine covers, chain guard, and exhaust heat shield. The co-branded model also has a unique black Titanium Akrapovic exhaust system.

Indian Motorcycle may be best known for the Scout cruiser and large touring motorcycles like the Indian Roadmaster. Descended from the Indian FTR750 that continues to dominate American Flat Track racing, the FTR x 100% R Carbon is a performance bike with a larger engine and tires, brakes, and suspension set up for the street. The FTR models have a liquid-cooled V-twin engine with a 12.5: 1 compression ratio that runs best with 91 octane fuel or better. The engine produces up to 120 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and 87 pound-feet of torque at 6,000 rpm. The transmission is a conventional 6-speed content mesh foot shifter.

Two people facing each other talking to the left of an Indian Motorcycle 2024 FTR x 100% R limited edition
Courtesy of Indian Motorcycle

Fully adjustable Ohlin front and rear suspensions on the FTR x 100% R Carbon each have up to 120 mm of travel. The brakes are Brembo, with dual 320 mm rotors with a 4-piston caliper in front and a single 260 mm rotor and 2-piston caliber on the rear wheel.

There are three selectable ride modes with the FTR x 100% R Carbon: Rain, Standard, and Sport. The motorcycle is also equipped with traction control, stability control, lean angle sensitive ABS, and a wheelie and rear lift mitigation system. These handling and control systems use an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a set of sensors that measure acceleration in multiple dimensions. The IMU measures the motorcycle’s lean angle and uses that information to manage the ABS, traction control, and wheelie mitigation.

A view from above an Indian Motorcycle 2024 FTR x 100% R limited edition parked on a shiny black surface
Courtesy of Indian Motorcycle

You can ride without the control systems, but it takes several steps. Wheelie and rear lift mitigation are always on in the Rain and Standard ride modes, but not in Sport mode. By selecting Track mode, you can also turn off traction control and ABS via the FTR’s standard Ride Command Display. When you turn off traction control, you also disable the wheelie and rear wheel lift mitigation systems. Expert riders often believe they can perform better without the onboard ride control “nannies,” although testing usually shows that’s not the case.

The FTR x 100% R Carbon’s Ride Command Display has a 4-inch diagonal touchscreen to control the standard navigation system and connected Bluetooth devices. Cruise control is standard, as is a USB charge port for the rider’s smart device.

Motorcycle rider out of focus carrying helmet toward Indian Motorcycle 2024 FTR x 100% R limited edition
Courtesy of Indian Motorcycle

If you’re looking for a performance street motorcycle based on proven success in highly competitive professional flat track racing, the 2024 Indian FTR x 100% R Carbon has the power and handling components. Like the Triumph Thruxton, you can ride the FTR from between cafes to style around town, but you can also race it. The limited run of only 400 motorcycles and the distinctive styling appearance of this limited edition guarantee you won’t see other people riding the same model very often, if ever.

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