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Caleb Denison

min7 wooden wireless speaker gorgeous

Hi-Fi Corner: It’s the wood that makes it good — Introducing the Min7 Wireless Speaker

The Min7 is a gorgeous wooden wireless speaker with all the trappings of a seriously powerful music maker.
adv sound m4 headphones best under 50 the manual 1

ADV.Sound’s M4 will put your $50 in-ears to shame

The ADV.Sound M4 turned out to be a very pleasant surprise, and now sit toward the top of our best headphones under $50 list.
flicks dashbon projector bluetooth speaker the manual

This hybrid Bluetooth speaker-projector makes any wall a movie theater

Flicks is a conveniently portable Bluetooth boombox with a projector built right in, making just about any spot ripe for a pop-up movie theater.
ears on goldenear supersub x triton loudspeakers technology and line

Hi-Fi Corner: You won’t believe how much bass comes from this tiny box

Find out how impressed we were with two new loudspeakers and an incredible subwoofer in GoldenEar Technology's demo room at CES 2016.
sonos new play5 multiroom wireless speaker play 5 0001 the manual

Hi-Fi Corner: Sonos’ new Play:5 is the king of multiroom speakers

The Play:5 isn't just Sonos' best speaker yet, it is also another reminder of why Sonos absolutely rules the wireless multi-room speaker market.
kef puts big sound in small packages with egg wireless bluetooth speakers kit manual

Hi-Fi Corner: KEF puts big sound in small packages with the Egg

KEF’s Egg speaker system plays nice with desktops, laptops and tablets. We think this system is one of the finest of its type ever created.
earin wireless earbuds now available at retail

No gimmick: The world’s first truly wireless earbuds actually sound great

The first pair of truly wireless earbuds are here, in a store, where you can go out and buy them. Right now. If you hurry.
bang and olufsen beloab 90 speakers bangolufsen beolab featured

Every spot is the sweet spot with these $40,000 Bang & Olufsen speakers

Bang & Olufsen has released the BeoLab 90, a $40,000 super speaker designed to customize their sound for any room or placement scenario.
hi fi corner uturn audio orbit turntable u turn featured image

Hi-Fi Corner: U-Turn Audio’s Orbit turntable is the ultimate gateway drug to vinyl addiction

When it comes to entry-level turntables, there is no better value on the market than the Orbit. Here's what you need to know.
technics reference class r1 audio system amp and speakers

This Technics Reference Class R1 audio system spends like a Mercedes, sounds like a McLaren

What does a $60,000 audio system sound like? We had to find out, and it turns out, it sounds pretty freakin' amazing.
wax stacks vinyl record storage system on kickstarter

Hi-Fi Corner: Ditch those milk crates and store your vinyl in style with Wax Stacks

riva turbo x bluetooth speaker

Hi-Fi corner: Rock pedigree makes Riva’s Turbo X the Bluetooth beauty to beat

goldenear triton five hifi loudspeakers affordable audiophile sound 5

Hi-Fi Corner: GoldenEar’s Triton Five offer epic sound for less green

GoldenEar Technology has once again redefined the value proposition with its excellent Triton Five loudspeaker.
oppo pm3 headphones pm 3 5 manual

Hi-Fi corner: Oppo’s PM-3 bring practicality to premium planar headphones

Oppo's new planar magnetic headphones, the PM-3, are practical for everyday use, but sound like something you should keep under lock and key.
hi fi corner yamaha as2100 integrated amplifier a s2100

Hi-Fi Corner: Yamaha’s A-S2100 is a lean, mean, music-making machine

hi fi corner pioneer serves vinyl fans pl 30 turntable 3 970x646 c

Hi-Fi Corner: Pioneer serves vinyl fans an affordable new toy in the PL-30

Pioneer offers up a sweet new consumer turntable at an enticing price in the PL-30.
hi fi corner griffin 20 amp takes speaker set wireless white

Hi-Fi Corner: This Bluetooth amp makes nearly any speakers wireless

The Griffin 20 is a Bluetooth receiver with 20 watts per channel, an optical digital input, subwoofer output, and a slick design, for a steal of a deal.
hi fi corner worlds first wood touch panel makes bos beosound moment totally unique bang olufsen

Hi-Fi Corner: The world’s first wood touch panel makes B&O’s BeoSound Moment totally unique

The Beosound Moment is easily the slickest music streamer we've ever seen, with an interface quite unlike any other. Walk up, touch it, and music plays.
tv trends in 2015 quantum dot 940 x 600

Videophile Corner: Affordable 4K, Quantum Dots, and other awesome TV trends coming in 2015

meet bw t7 perfect gift person everything bowers and wilkins

Hi-Fi Corner: Meet the B&W T7, a perfect gift for the person who has everything

The B&W T7 is a perfect gift for the person who has everything
hi fi corner get load turntable nirvana pro jects new signature 10 signature10 mahogany

Hi-fi Corner: Get a load of turntable nirvana with Pro-Ject’s Signature 10

Pro-Ject's Signature 10 represents the zenith of turntable technology, matching a breathtaking design with uncompromising performance.
weekly dt rocketskates 1

The Weekly DT – RocketSkates

Rocket skates have been the stuff of childhood fantasy ever since Wile E. Coyote first strapped a pair of miniature Acme rockets on an old pair of roller skates as part of a harebrained scheme devised to capture The Road Runner. Now, some 62 years later, RocketSkates are finally a real thing.
brikks bespoke iphones ipads come coated gold crusted diamonds brikk iphone

Brikk’s bespoke iPhones and iPads come coated in gold, crusted in diamonds

Think the iPhone Gold is fancy? You ain't seen nothing yet! Check out what Brikk does to iPhones, iPads and Galaxy Gear with pure gold and diamonds.
evolo portable bluetooth speaker audiophile pedigree benq

The Evolo is a portable Bluetooth speaker with an audiophile pedigree

BenQ's Evolo is an evolution for the Bluetooth speaker genre. Using electrostatic panels, it promises high-end sound from a portable wireless speaker.
rotels ra 1570 integrated amplifier digital audio grownups rotel

Rotel’s RA-1570 integrated amplifier does digital audio for grownups

If a clean, powerful and sophisticated stereo amplifier is in order, then look no further than the gorgeous Rotel RA-1570.
bang olufsens supersized avant 4k tv hides away play olufsen beovision high quality uhd authenticity

Bang & Olufsen’s super-sized Avant 4K TV hides away when not in play

Bang & Olufsen has introduced an 85-inch version of its stylish Avant 4K television, and it is as stunning as you might imagine.
sony x900b 4k led tv xbr

Sony’s X900B 4K LED TV and its big-boy speakers make for a majestic cinema in your home

Sony's X900B offers tremendous picture quality, but its speaker system involves a look not everyone appreciates.
klipsch reference series r 10b sound bar manual

Klipsch’s uncompromising Reference Series R-10B sound bar brings high-end sound to your home theater

Floating bluetooth speaker


weekly dt samsungs first premium headphones samsung over ear 2

The Weekly DT: Samsung’s First Premium Headphones

Samsungs Level Series headphones are the companies first high end headphone
dolby atmos surround sound comes to home theaters 940

The next big thing in surround sound is coming to home theaters this year

Dolby Atmos, the latest surround technology to hit commercial theaters, is making its way into home theaters later this year. Here's what you need to know.
modern style meets retro sound project debut carbon turntable

Modern style meets retro sound with the Project Debut Carbon turntable

Modern style meets retro sound with the Project Debut Carbon turntable.
android powered 1080p webcam replace roku apple tv fhp

Could this Android-powered 1080p webcam replace your Roku, Apple TV?

samsung h9000 series curved ultra hd led tv un65hu9000f

Samsung’s sexy HU9000 series curved Ultra HD TV is a dazzler, on or off

Samsung's top-tier Ultra HD TV series is bound to be one of this year's top performers. We've got the low-down on why this TV is so spectacular.
tubecores duo wireless speaker bring warm glow analog tubes media center tubecore

Tubecore’s Duo warms up your digital media with the glow of vacuum tubes

Tubecore's Duo wireless speaker takes a decidedly analog approach to your digital media, and the results are gorgeous.
v modas xs ear headphones moda s on

V-Moda’s XS on-ear headphones

V-Moda's XS on-ear headphones are light, compact and sound spectacular. Pick a pair up before everyone figures out what a sweet deal they are.