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Hi-Fi Corner: It’s the wood that makes it good — Introducing the Min7 Wireless Speaker

min7 wooden wireless speaker gorgeous
We know Newman was talking about Kenny Rogers Roasters when he quoted the now-defunct chicken chain’s marketing tagline in an episode of Seinfeld, but it seems a much more suitable expression for the Min7, a gorgeous wireless speaker that we hope is as rich in sound quality as it is in aesthetic.

The focus of an already-funded Kickstarter project by startup Minfort, the Min7 differentiates itself among the din of competition as a striking, yet classic, work of art. It’s not just a pretty box, though. Based on the published specs, the Min7 has all the trappings of a seriously powerful music maker.

The Min7 produces sound using a stereo pair of 1-inch silk dome tweeters paired with 4-inch paper cone midrange drivers, all supported by a 5.25-inch subwoofer for solid bass performance down to an impressive 45Hz. Driving the speakers is a 150-watt amplifier — plenty of juice for big, robust sound.

The speaker also offers an impressive array of connection options, including Bluetooth (of course!), Airplay and DLNA playback via Wi-Fi, 3.5mm analog, and three hardwired digital options: USB, Optical, and Coaxial.

We expect the Min7 to retail for $800 once it is in wide production, but Kickstarter backers can secure one for $550, and that includes a choice of three finishes —  Teak, Walnut, and Oak — each bearing its own distinctive appeal. If you’re quick, you could possibly still get in on an early bird option priced at $500.

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Minfort had a rather modest funding goal — its $15,000 goal was fulfilled long ago, and at the time of this writing, had exceeded $86,000.  The campaign should wrap up in May, with the first products slated to ship to backers in July. As is always the case, Kickstarter products are a bit of a gamble because not all project creators anticipate the various challenges that lay ahead, so participate at your own risk.

With that said, the Min7 looks like one of those speakers worth taking a chance on. And if it sounds anywhere near as good as it looks, owners will be very pleased, indeed.

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