Brikk’s bespoke iPhones and iPads come coated in gold, crusted in diamonds

brikks bespoke iphones ipads come coated gold crusted diamonds brikk iphone
Each October, The Luxury Technology show sets up shop in Beverly Hills so that purveyors of arguably unnecessary, yet undeniably desirable wares can showcase their latest and greatest. This year, The Manual paid the show a visit to see just what it takes to impress a cast of VIPs who spend more in one day than many of us make in a year. It turns out, it takes a lot. And one of the most opulent displays we witnessed was hosted by Brikk, a company that painstakingly blings out technology in pure gold, titanium, and diamonds. It’s latest target: The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The “iPhone Gold” that Apple makes? This ain’t it. When we say Brikk makes gold iPhones, we mean that the iPhones it produces come out looking like they took a bath in a cauldron of molten gold … or platinum, or pink gold. Yes, pink.

If you want diamonds, you can have them, but it will cost you. The Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus can be filled with diamonds, but the price will zoom up to somewhere in the $12,000 neighborhood, depending on phone size and finish.

The proud owner of one of Brikk’s Lux creations will receive their prize, complete with stock accessories (those are still white plastic, sorry) all packed in a luxurious case with custom foam cutouts which, as Bill Kennedy with Brikk explains, “comes in a beautiful box of its own, which comes in another box, which is packed in the final shipping box.”

Think of it as a Russian doll delivery system for your super-luxury iPhone.

Not into the new iPhone 6 models? Don’t worry, Brikk will also bling out an iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Gear watch, or the HTC M8. You can learn all about Brikk and place orders right from its website.

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