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The Weekly DT: Samsung’s First Premium Headphones

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The Weekly DT is a weekly tech story from our brother site,

Samsung’s Level series of headphones are the company’s first go at a high-end headphone series. The new lineup is headlined by the Level Over, a full-size over-ear set of cans with Bluetooth wireless and active noise canceling on board. And based on our initial experience with the sleek new cans, we’d say Samsung has a real winner on its hands.

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The $350 Level Over are accented with a soft, tan leatherette headband and ear pads, and trimmed with slim lines of chrome. but their exterior barely hints at their high-tech inner workings. In our video, we show off the headphones and dive deeper into our first impressions, which are overwhelmingly positive.

Bottom line: Samsung’s first try at a full-size premium headphone appear to be wildly successful, and very much on the level with competing models from the likes of Phiaton and Ultimate Ears.

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