Rotel’s RA-1570 integrated amplifier does digital audio for grownups

rotels ra 1570 integrated amplifier digital audio grownups rotel
Home theaters are a lot of fun, but sometimes you don’t need 7 speakers and a subwoofer and all the wires and the HDMI connections and the headaches. Sometimes you just want to play your music, in any format, through a pair of really fine stereo speakers and have it sound amazing. If something clean, powerful and sophisticated is in order, then look no further than the gorgeous Rotel RA-1570 integrated amplifier.

An integrated amplifier is essentially a pre-amp and amplifier bundled into one box. It doesn’t do any video switching or surround sound, and it doesn’t have a tuner built into it. Instead, it is designed to do one thing and do it exceptionally well: Make all of your music sound its absolute best.

The RA-1570 packs 120-watts per channel — and that’s an honest to goodness rating, not some fudged up number to make it look good on paper. As such, it can deliver quick, dynamic sound with lots of luscious detail. And it can do it, no matter what your source. The RA-1570 offers a wide array of digital and analog inputs, so you can connect everything from a turntable, to a CD player, to a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Wanna go wireless? The RA-1570 comes with a Bluetooth receiver dongle that plugs right into the face of the unit.

And what a pretty face it is! The RA-1570 is simple, yet elegant. It’s dashing good looks call quietly to you from across the room, and it’s brushed metal exterior works with a wealth of decor styles.

The RA-1570 costs around $1600, and you can read a full review of it right here.

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