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Social Distance in Style at Australia’s Luxurious Lilypad Floating Villa

For most of us, it’s difficult to enjoy self-isolation. Staring at the same four walls, wearing the same sweatpants, and knowing your DoorDash driver and their significant other on a first-name basis are all enough to give even the most hardened agoraphobe cabin fever. If you don’t mind hopping a cheap flight across the Pacific, Sydney offers a self-isolation option that’s almost definitely cooler than your own home.

Lilypad Floating Villa is situated less than an hour from Sydney, off the coast of Australia’s Palm Beach. With one of the region’s best beaches, it’s an area renowned for its natural beauty. Anchored amid an isolated stretch of water with no neighbors in sight, the exclusive houseboat provides the perfect isolation vacation. Plus, in light of the ongoing pandemic, the owners are currently guaranteeing “completely human contact-free packages” for three-, five-, and 14-night stays. In the unlikely event that you grow weary of isolating in your own private luxury villa, stand-up paddleboards and fishing gear are also provided.

Inside, the floating villa features sleek, upscale minimalist styling with a designer aesthetic. The full-sized houseboat provides all the comforts of a luxury boutique hotel, including a loft bedroom with a king bed, a swanky bathroom, a living area with a fireplace, and a kitchenette. Wi-Fi and a complementary iPad with local digital guides are also provided.

Large, accordion-style glass doors open to reveal a spacious wraparound deck with a dining area and panoramic water views. The Airbnb hosts promise five-star treatment for every guest, including a tasting plate with Champagne on arrival, an in-house wine cellar, and a 24-hour concierge with tender service to and from the mainland. Gourmet breakfast and dinner from a nearby restaurant are also included daily.

Overnight stays at the Lilypad Floating Villa are available with rates starting USD $1,038 per night based on double occupancy. If the price seems a bit steep, consider bringing up to three friends. Assuming they’re all healthy and you don’t mind getting creative with the sleeping arrangements, the villa sleeps up to four.

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