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5 Haunted Vacation Rental Homes Worthy of Halloween 2022

From bars to international travel to the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square, it seems like COVID-19 has shut down everything except Halloween movies. Nationwide social distancing policies mean Halloween 2022 might be a non-starter, too. But, just because you can’t — or shouldn’t — throw a party or visit your neighbors’ homes this October 31st doesn’t mean you have to call the holiday off. Renting a haunted vacation home might just be the best and safest way to celebrate Halloween this year. Here are a few of the most haunted houses in America that you can rent right now.

Featherbed Railroad Bed and Breakfast Resort

Nice, California

Featherbed Railroad Bed and Breakfast-Resort

Guests of California’s Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort overnight in one of nine former railroad cabooses. But, it’s the Celebrations caboose where many report ongoing supernatural activity. Over the years, innkeepers have heard claims of a man in old-timey striped pajamas wandering around the Celebrations room or even sitting on the bed. The ghost, believed to be a former railroad worker, has scared some guests so much that they’ve asked to switch rooms.

Belle Femme Townhouse

Salem, Massachusetts

Belle Femme Townhouse

Like Shamrock House, many of New England’s historical homes can be seen as either charming or creepy. Belle Femme Townhouse is one such home. By day, it’s easy to appreciate its 18th-century charm; by night, it’s even easier to imagine it taking on a more sinister feel. While the house itself may or may not be haunted, the surrounding town of Salem has long been considered one of the most cursed places in America. The vacation rental is an ideal base to explore the nearby Witch Museum, The Witch House, or to take a witch-related tour around the McIntire Historic District.

Fleur de Lis Mansion

New Orleans, Louisiana

Fleur de Lis Mansion

Thanks to its long, sordid past, New Orleans has been a popular haunt (pun intended) for those interested in ghosts, the supernatural, and the occult for centuries. The owners of the city’s historical Fleur de Lis Mansion claim three of the property’s suites are haunted. With help from paranormal investigators Michael Bill and Mario Pinheiro of New Orleans Ghost City Tours, they gathered evidence of a spirit named Billy, who is believed to live in the house. However, he appears to be more mischievous than malevolent and is known to play pranks on guests like pulling down their bedding in the night or sliding a chair out from under them in the dining room.

Shamrock House

Sunset, South Carolina

Shamrock House

There’s something both charming and “off” about Shamrock House. It feels like either the perfect setting for a quaint, family-friendly wilderness getaway or a “cabin in the woods” slasher flick. Built in South Carolina’s Heritage Corridor, the entire compound dates back to at least 1925. Like many old homes, this one has plenty of stories — ghost stories, in particular. Guests report hearing the sounds of a woman the owners call Nancy. While they don’t confirm or deny her presence, they suspect she’s friendly, and her “weeping” is likely just the house’s creaky old floorboards. Guests can decide for themselves.

Inn at Aberdeen

Valparaiso, Indiana

Inn at Aberdeen
Inn at Aberdeen

Guests at Indiana’s Inn at Aberdeen report late-night sightings of a little girl ghost on the master staircase. After a thorough investigation, Indiana Ghost Trackers found that the inn’s original inhabitant, Sarah Ritter, and her two children died inside the home. The paranormal group recorded evidence of a door repeatedly opening and closing behind them during their stay. Other guests claim the little girl “messed with their stuff” and turned their fireplace on and off in the middle of the night.

If a Halloween road trip is in the cards this year, check out our roundup of the most haunted places in America.

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